What are the selected highlights for this June 2018? As always, they are full of design, fashion, elegance, travel, art, culture, image, music and quality avant-garde. A very exclusive mix with which we try to give you the best ideas to enjoy the next 30 days, and part of the summer. Let’s begin with the highlights of June!!

The bags of the future, our first highlight of June

At this point no one should be surprised that there is a museum exclusively dedicated to bags and purses in Amsterdam. It’s The Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses. There, we can find since last April 17th an exhibition about what the young Dutch designers think the bags that we will carry in the future will be. They are the Future Bags. A sample where there are very attractive proposals conceived from ecological and natural materials.

One of the most eye-catching handbags from the Future Bags exhibition in Amsterdam

There are also more ground breaking elements. These are the designs based on more technological concepts and hyperconnectivity. In terms of technology, it is not only about the creation of new materials as ecological as possible. It also proposes that designs can be acquired, so that everyone can print them in 3D. Regarding hyperconnectivity: will our bodies become our bag? The answer… until July 29th in this Dutch museum.

The history of Ferragamo and Hollywood

We love this June highlight. It has everything we expect from our proposals. Glamor, culture, art, celebrities, fashion, cinema and a little bit of history. The show Italia in Hollywood, set by the Ferragamo Museum in Florence brings all that together. An exhibition that open on May 24th and which will remain in the capital of the Tuscany until March 10th of 2019.

Ferragamo studying the feet of Audrey Hepburn

The show evokes Ferragamo’s years in Hollywood, definitively influencing the world of cinema. But, at the same time in California, there were also people like the tenor Enrico Caruso, the actor Rodolfo Valentino or the photographer Tina Modotti. Among all of them, they helped to shape the most charismatic and essential image of cinema.

The photographs of Cecil Beaton in Madrid

Our next highlight also has a glamorous and cinematic touch. It is the photographic exhibition Cecil Beaton. Myths of the 20th century opened to the public on May 31st and that will remain until August 19th in the rooms of the Canal Foundation in Madrid.

Marilyn Monroe in a photo of Cecil Beaton

Those who do not know the photographer Cecil Beaton will be surprised by his modernity. He took photos of the greatest movie stars of all times. But not only myths like Marlon Brando or Marilyn were portrayed by his camera. Balenciaga, Coco Chanel, Dalí or Queen Isabel II also joined this club. In short, more than 100 images of celebrities that Beaton captured as a person and not as characters.

The Art Basel once again in our highlights of June

The Art Basel brand competitions that take place around the world usually appear in our highlights, since they are world-class artistic encounters. Everything started in the city of Basel in 1970. Now, in its 48th edition, this fair is a global event with an unstoppable growth. An amazing phenomenon, because in only four days there will be more than 4,000 artists.


To discover the latest news in contemporary art you have to visit Basel and its Art Basel

Those four days will be between June 14th and June 17th. A long weekend in which Art Basel will completely flood the city. Because one of the characteristics of this meeting is that it is not reduced to a fairground. No. Art floods the entire city, and even its surroundings, since in all institutions, public and private, throw themselves into the success of the event. Essential for all lovers of modern art!

Sónar Barcelona sounds again

Another classic highlight of June is the Sónar in Barcelona. A festival that will take place from the 14th to the 16th of this month. Once again, it as a very wide line-up regarding concerts. But we must not forget that this festival has as emblems “music, creativity and technology”. That is to say, we can listen but we will also be able to see and feel the most novel aspects of the global electronic scene.


Sónar 2018 presentation. Intriguing and appetizing

What can we highlight about Sónar 2018? The expected presence of LCD Soundsystem or Richie Hawtin CLOSE. The closing of this festival will have a special atmosphere with the performance of Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto at the Teatre Grec. Merging the most modern with the oldest. Something logical on the other hand, because is the 25th edition and therefore it is already making history. This can be seen in the exhibition NO FLYERS NO POSTERS. 25 years of Sónar Image at the Centerd’Art Tecla Sala de L’Hospitalet.

A film premiere with the Cousteau hallmark

Jean Michel Cousteau has been producing and directing films for decades showing all the greatest things of our oceans and the threats they suffer. Well, next June 15th he will release his latest work and perhaps one of the most elaborate. The title can not be more clear: Wonders of the sea. A production in 3D that has count on with the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger to put the voice to the narrator.


Poster of the movie Wonders of the Sea

The film is the result of three years of work, sailing from the Fiji Islands to the Bahamas. A long journey in which we can discover all the magic of the seas. An artistic work, but also scientific, informative and educational. With a clear message: we have to preserve these wonders of nature. A film that will not only be a pleasure to watch, but it is practically an obligation. Check it for yourself with the trailer.

An exhibition on Frida Kahlo

Many exhibitions are periodically devoted to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, given the relevance of her art, her fascinating personality and the incredible vital conditions in which she developed her work. In that sense, the exhibition Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe that will be inaugurated next June 16th at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and that will last until November 4th, will be very interesting. In it, we will discover what the artist was wearing or how she did her makeup.


Some of the clothes in Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe that can be seen in the London exhibition

Somehow we will discover her intimacy through objects that have never left Mexico. There, we will find some of her dresses with designs based on the ancestral traditions of her land. There will also be the cosmetics that she used. We will be also able to see how she decorated the prosthesis she was forced to wear. In short, the most personal and unknown Frida Kahlo.

A good closing for our seven highlights of this June. Some proposals of enormous interest and quality in which, as always, there is a bit of everything. From this moment, we are already working on preparing more highlights equally attractive for next month.