We are approaching the end of winter and the number of proposals and cultural events is increasing gradually. In Horse, we have selected key events for next March.

1. Hong Kong, Art Basel 2017

The prestige of the Art Basel Swiss fair started long ago to have its aftershocks spread to other continents, particularly in America with its fair in Miami Beach, and in Asia, where between 23rd and 25th March will be held the third edition of Art Basel Hong Kong.

Exhibitor at the last edition of Art Basel HK

Exhibitor at the last edition of Art Basel HK

An event that since its inception has captured the interest of gallery owners, artists and collectors for several reasons. Firstly, because here you can see the latest news of Asia and the Pacific. Some creations sometimes unknown, but that can be fascinating and in any artistic field, from classic like painting or sculpture to more technological aspects. But in addition to that, Art Basel Hong Kong offers the unique opportunity to buy art at attractive prices, as Hong Kong provides some tax benefits when importing or exporting.

2.Biennale of Design in Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne has grown from a mining city to be today in the list of Unesco Creative Cities. A city that in France is considered the City of Design. Something that is partly due to having the largest collection of works of the legendary Le Corbusier, accompanied by other contemporary artists such as Norman Foster.

Zenith Saint Etienne Metropol, a large show lounge designed by Norman Foster

Zenith Saint Etienne Metropol, a large show lounge designed by Norman Foster

In this environment emerges in 1998 the Biennial of Design of Saint Etienne, which between the days of 9th March to 9th April will celebrate its 10th edition with a very tight schedule of activities. Many of them focused on the leitmotif of this year: the mutations at work. That is to say, 30 days of design in a festive and creative environment where many exhibitions, workshops, talks, symposiums and meetings very inspiring are included.

3.David Hockney at the Tate Britain in London

David Hockney, the most valuable alive English painter today is turning 80, and to celebrate it the Tate Britain in London has prepared a large retrospective exhibition of his work that opened on February 9th and will remain open to the public until next May 29th.

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, painted in 1971 by Hockney

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, painted in 1971 by Hockney

There, you can see 150 works of the figurative painter of such a personal and non-transferable style. Before his canvases, some of the biggest celebrities of the artistic world of the twentieth century have posed, many of them friends of the artist like the filmmaker Billi Wilder, the Rolling or Eric Clapton. Not to mention one of his famous double portraits made to the fashion designers Ossie Clark and Celia Britwell, which of course can be seen in one of the largest exhibitions in London in 2017

4.Valencia’s Fallas

This year 2017, the Fallas in Valencia will celebrate in style its new designation as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the last award this festive and cultural event in Valencia has received. A popular event able to take out to the streets a whole city and its thousands of visitors coming from anywhere in the world.

The Fallas and ninots, halfway between craft and art

The Fallas and ninots, halfway between craft and art

In those streets the famous fallas full of ninots are celebrated, which will be burnt down on the great Valencian night of March 19th. It is the nit de la cremá. A very visual event. Although the view is not the only sense that enjoys the fallas, so does the hearing with the thundering mascletás and colorful castles of fireworks, the sense of smell with the constant smell of gunpowder, and certainly the taste having the typical dishes served in casals throughout the city.

5. Art et Liberté exhibition at the Reina Sofia

Art et Liberté exhibition has as subtitle Rupture, war and surrealism in Egypt (1938 – 1948), which clarifies a little more its subject. But even so, when you visit the exhibition is a huge surprise to discover the art that the Art et Liberté group was doing during the years of World War II.

Work of Ramses Younane made in 1939

Work of Ramses Younane made in 1939

From Cairo, four artists: Georges Henein, Ramses Younane, Kamel el-Telmisany and Fouad Kamel developed creations closely related to Surrealism and with other many international artists, because even in a pre-war and warlike atmosphere, they made contact with European and Americans creators. The result of that historical and artistic moment is what you can see at the Reina Sofia National Art Museum in Madrid until next May 28th, 2017, in an exhibition that has been supported by the Montblanc Cultural Foundation.

6.ITB 2017, the International Tourism Fair in Berlin

The ITB in Berlin this year reaches its 51st edition and is consolidated as the main tourism fair in the world. Between 8th and 12th March will be cited in the halls of Messe Berlin GmbH thousands of tourism professionals arrived from anywhere on the planet.

The Berlin exhibition center welcomes everyone, literally, at the ITB

The Berlin exhibition center welcomes everyone, literally, at the ITBen la feria ITB

However, the ITB also opens its last days for travelers. There, before your eyes every corner of the globe where you want to travel is present. They will tell us what awaits us there, how to get there, what to do, what to visit, etc. Those who have a dream trip can start to do it here, and for those who do not know where to spend their next vacation, the ITB fair of Berlin is the ideal opportunity to decide our next destination.

7.Saint Patrick’s Day

Possibly, Saint Patrick is the most famous and celebrated saint around the planet. His day is March 17th, and from Ireland it has radiated its fame due to the millions of immigrants that come out of the island. The Irish character and their attachment to traditions has made that even people who have nothing to do with Ireland and with religion join to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the most unexpected places.

St. Patrick's parade paralyzes places like New York

St. Patrick’s parade paralyzes places like New York

It is a festival that unites religion, music, parades, lots of fun, typical dances and a lot of Guinness beer, the flagship product of the Irish economy. In Dublin or Cork in, but also in New York, Chicago or Sidney massive parades where everything is colored bright green are held. In addition, the toasts to the health of the saint not stop in places like Buenos Aires or Barcelona. Not surprisingly, it is one of the key days in the calendar of the Irish pub across the globe. Definitely, a party with local and religious backgrounds, but that has become a global event.

That is, the next March offers us a little of everything and with an exquisite quality whatever your tastes are.