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After the summer break, we return with our September highlights. Some proposals that are the beginning of the cultural and traveling season for us. We hope you find them interesting and that some of them will save you from the post-holiday depression.

Wine at the Buda Castle in Budapest

The first of our September 2018 highlights can’t be more animated. To take a glass of wine or several in an apotheosical environment such as the Buda Castle in Budapest. During September 6th to 9th, the Wine Festival will take place. A great opportunity to get to know the Hungarian capital, while tasting the wines of the country and other Central European vineyards.

Night animation in the courtyard of Buda Castle during the Wine Festival

Hundred of wineries attend this event and give their best wines to the assistants. But obviously, we can’t be drinking all day. It can also be complemented with various gastronomic activities and visiting the rooms of the Budapest History Museum for free.

The Surrealist Summer ends in Stockholm

To enjoy the second of our September highlights, we have to hurry. Go and visit the Surreal Summer exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, which will close its doors on September 9th. So if you travel before that date to the Swedish capital take this opportunity. After its opening on June 16th, everyone who has visited this exhibition has been delighted by it.

The enigma of Guillermo Tell by Dalí is part of the Swedish Surrealist Summer

Surrealism will soon turn 100. And the truth is that it has been one of the most impressive artistic avant-gardes, reaching its influence even to our days. To prove it, we just have to look at the works of André Bretón, Dalí, Lee Miller, Giorgio de Chirico, Meret Oppenheim and others that are exhibited at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Playing hide and seek with Maarten Baas in Ghent

On May 18th, the Ghent Design Museum opened the Maarten Baas’s Hide & Seek exhibition. You can visit the complete retrospective on the work of this peculiar Dutch designer-artist until September 30th. He is one of the most unique furniture designers around the world.

His series of charred furniture, Smoke Vintage, is at the Ghent retrospective

In the exhibition, we can see his charred furniture covered with an epoxy resin to be reused. We can also find his handmade works using a material as fragile as clay. And of course his typical clocks, where the passage of time is erasing the hands, creating a game and a reflection. In short, a sample of an artist who unites genius, creativity, humor and theatricality in his designs.

Fashion and Florence in the highlights of September

Among the impressive museum offer of Florence, in Horse, there is a place that always interests us: the Costume Gallery of the Pitti Palace. Although there are interesting exhibitions throughout the year, for these highlights of September the show Lasciarsi guidare dalla moda has caught our attention. An exhibition that opened in July and will be open until December 31st, 2018.

Exhibition at Costume Gallery in Florence

Lasciarsi guidare dalla moda, Let yourself be carried away by fashion. A very suggestive sample. We can find paintings and sculptures of the collection of the Gallery of Modern Art along with diverse designs of clothes and accessories. But, in this case, there are not only unique pieces, there is also a lot of pret-a-porter. The purpose is to see the intense relationship between getting dressed, art, nature and even travel. All of them very interesting for Horse Magazine.

The Quixote in the Liceu

Our local proposal for the highlights of September takes place at the Liceu in Barcelona specifically  between September 14th-17th. At that time, the theater will be occupied by the National Dance Company and its representation of Don Quixote. A show that is becoming a true classic for this company after several years of performances.

Modern representation of the classic Don Quixote ballet

In this classic ballet, the National Dance Company and its director José Carlos Martínez have created a modern and personal assembly. That is the great success of the representation, the fusion between the essences of the original piece and the contemporary touch that surrounds it. In short, Don Quixote has never ridden with such modern airs as in this show.

An oasis in Marrakech

The Oasis Fest in the Moroccan city of Marrakech is a very different musical proposal from the previous one. A festival that will be held between Sunday, September 16th and Tuesday, September 18th, and that will give us a completely different view to what we expect in this North African corner.

World-class DJs play music at the best baths of the Oasis Fest in Marrakech

During The Oasis Fest, a quarter of an hour away from the famous Djemaa el Fna square, the big stars of house and techno music will play. Rhythms to dance and also to refresh. One of the hallmarks of this oasis of Marrakech is the pool located next to the main stage of the festival.

An aromatic centenary in the last of the highlights of September

The International Grasse Perfume Museum in Provence, southern France, was the first perfume museum in the world, and its origins date back to 1918. Of course, this could only happen in the country where personalities as Coco Chanel or Francois Coty launched the first commercial perfumes with author’s signature. They and other renowned artists today are present in this museum, but there is much more.

The International Perfume Museum of Grasse, a place to see and smell

In fact, here we can see the long history of perfume that goes back several millennia to Antiquity. And not only that, the idea of ​​aromatizing our body and our lives, goes beyond the perfumes brands. It is a concept that includes soap, makeup, cleaning and cosmetics. An element that alludes to one of our five senses, and that is intimately related to our mental processes. An amazing world discovered in the fascinating Grasse museum.

And here are our highlights of September 2018. Very sensorial, with proposals to taste, hear, see, smell and touch.