Written by: Patts Pérez

If we had to define Star Wars somehow, we should stop and think of the amount of items there are of this famous saga, books, mugs, towels, napkins, toys, shirts, shoes… Ultimately, Star Wars has built its own empire.

collage 1 starw

It’s been 38 years since the very first Star Wars movie, directed by George Lucas, and even though at the start it was thought as a one movie only project, once it started shaping itself, they realised how the story could last through nine films in total – the first trilogy, a preceding one and a later one -. This way, the 1977 admired story would become a piece on the tangled fiction. Sixteen years after the first movie was released, the second component of the story, an introduction, was published. This second part of the trilogy was filmed in three year intervals inbetween each one of the movies, an habit acquried during the filming of the first three movies.

Finally, we are now reaching the end of the saga, with new characters and familiar faces, actors and actresses who have not hesitated on playing the memorable characters once again.

collage 2 starw.November 19th was the chosen date to commemorate the saga, when there was nearly a month left until the premiere.
Fashion has been a huge piece of this remembrance. Designers and brands from all over the world have celebrated the comeback of the chronicle that has grown up alongside many generations.

Premium watch brand Nixon has released a collection that revives daily the emotion that the trilogy’s comeback instills in all of us.

Divided into four categories, Darth Vader, Stormtropper, Imperial Pilot and Bobba Fett, the collection showcases watches and accesories to pair them with; all of them already available both online (through their website) and in store.



If we turn to shoes, the saga reaches from flip-flop brands like Havaianas, who joins the Star Wars fever, to Irregular Choice, brand that offers original heels based on some of the characters.

Havaianas has released a mini collection of three adult designs and two kid designs, that will be released in store this December 2015, to go with the force with their characters and prints.


Irregular Choice is a british brand that, since 1999, has always surprised the public with their peculiar shoes. High heels with galactic prints recreating, for instance, the famous character R2-D2, amongst others; such as Darth Vader’s head, or, in case you may need something a little bit more comfortable, you can turn to Chewbaca’s boots.

Available through their website.




Artistically, all kinds of creators have compiled all the inspiration possible in the six movies produced until now to shape their creations.

Famous british designers such as Peter Piloto, Claire Barrow or Christopher Raeburn have brought to life their favorite characters through their own designs.


And we cross the pond to admire the outfits that Star Wars has been the muse for some american designers such as Giles Deacon, Cynthia Rowley or Rag&Bone, amongs others.

DISEÑADORES AMERICANLastly, we introduce Blank William, a designer from New York that has the ability to see the pieces from an animal perspective, reinterpreting the Stormtroppers as we know them, into spectacular helmets shaped as an elepahant, a hippo or a rhino. The collection is called The New Order, and has two lines, Black, with golden details, and White with silver details.

To see more of the artist’s work, go on and visit his website, the homogeneity of his works leaves nobody indifferent.