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Increasingly, architects and engineers are designing more innovative structures to attract people. From Horse we bring you the future of luxury.

Imagine waking up in a hotel in the middle of the water. This fusion of the future with hotel innovation has resulted in floating hotels, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea when you open your eyes in the morning. We present the 3 most innovative projects in the luxury hotel industry.

Qatar 2025: capturing energy from water flow  

The Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar is an accommodating place designed by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio. This one focuses on offering respite to the guest, while keeping ecological terms in mind. Sustainability is a differential point of this hotel. It merges the concept of floating hotels with ecology, taking a step beyond everything we know so far.


Photograph of the Eco Hotel Qatar 2025 project.

The hotel is designed for Qatar where it will float on the water to offer 152 rooms for guests, who will be able to enjoy a minibar service. This hotel will use a dynamic positioning system to establish itself at a fixed point in the sea. This system will also passively capture energy from the water current itself.


Interior of the Qatar floating hotel.

The Eco-Floating Hotel is also linked with 55 “vawtau” modules to capture energy from air movement. An important concept to emphasize is that it has been created with a strong focus on the environment. The spaces are scrutinized to identify how they can take advantage of the natural elements around them.  If all goes well, the hotel will open in 2025.

Dubai Floating Venice: Move around the hotel with a gondola 

In Dubai, the Kleindienst Group, is working on a multi-million dollar project that will introduce the world to an underwater luxury hotel named ‘Floating Venice.’ As its name suggests, guests will have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in a floating city. A differential element, and that complements the hotel experience, is that guests will be transported to their rooms with gondolas imported from Venice.


Proyecto Hotel Dubai floating Venice.

While most hotels have the most luxurious rooms located on the rooftops, the Floating Venice will have the Presidential Suite located underwater. This differential point will offer guests the chance to enjoy views of the reef’s corals, among other underwater life.


One of the underwater rooms at The Floating Venice in Dubai.

This floating hotel has a maco concept, since it will have a wide space to welcome about 3,000 visitors. Besides the rooms, tourists will also be able to find different restaurants and recreational rooms.

The Ark hotel: a floating concept similar to a conch 

A cruise ship in its essence is a floating hotel but this futuristic concept by Russian firm Remi Studio, is better than a hotel and a ship combined. The Ark Hotel is designed in the shape of a conch shell and floats when the water level rises. The design of the hotel is intended to be a fully waterproof structure. So it is a safe place to protect against the side effects of climate change.


Hotel Ark Hotel Sea Shell from the outside.

As previously mentioned the structure is perfect for stormy weather. Although its main intention is not to navigate with it through the water, it can be driven safely or pick up other boats. It can also withstand the impact of hurricanes and floods.


Bottom of the Ark Hotel Sea Shell.

Many of the beachfront hotels have disappeared due to natural disasters. If this revolutionary concept of floating hotels had been tangible, the structures of these complexes would have survived. The pity is that for the moment it is only an idea.

These hotels are examples and initiatives of what the future of sustainable travel will represent.

Images provided by the aforementioned studios.