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The new fragrances for this fall pay homage to natural and innovative products.

For the start of the new fall season, many brands are launching new collections. Perfumes with natural and well-treated ingredients, innovative when it comes to producing them and with sustainability in mind. We also find the essence that each bottle conveys, with the soul that the perfumers themselves have put into it. Join us in the new scents, and discover what are the new fragrances that smell like autumn!

1-Idole Aura: women’s potential

Lancôme has launched Idole Aura, a perfume inspired by women, uplifting them and boosting unity, leaving behind prejudice and social differences. Since the creation of Idole in 2019, the creators of the original fragrance, Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadège Le Garlantezee and Adriana Medina, have been combining their talents alongside Lancôme, creating a perfume with their own ideal. This year, they aspire to unite all women and accompany them as, together, they conquer the world.


Idole Aura, new perfume by Lancôme

I always say that my idol is the person I will be in the future. I know it’s there, and it’s waiting for me in the future. – Zendaya

Idole Aura reinterprets the floral character of the original fragrance, a delicate scent, which is both sensual and strong. It’s formula is composed with natural ingredients, something that represents the the maison’s firm commitment to sustainability. Developing this natural method allows for better working conditions, and compensation for those who produce ingredients such as Isparta rose or Bourbon vanilla infusion.


American actress Zendaya has been chosen to represent the new fragrance.

The rose is an iconic symbol of Lancôme, and a main ingredient in the creation of the perfume. It is also the focus of the brand’s Bring the world to Bloom initiative, which aims to protect biodiversity and the planet’s resources for the future.

Size and price: 25ml – 56€, 50ml – 97€, 75ml – 115€.

2-Collection Musk: natural and sustainable

Sustainable products are growing in the market and the new perfumes from Adolfo Domínguez, Terracota Muskand Nude Musk are some of them. The Spanish firm has launched fragrances with sustainable components, with the idea that society should encourage recycling. For that, the new bottles of the collection have been created with eco-sustainable materials; with a removable wooden cap, a separable diffuser, recycled glass and a water-based paint and organic silkscreen printing. The pack in which the perfume itself is stored is also made of recycled paper, cardboard and cellophane.


New Adolfo Dominguez perfume collection

Each bottle is composed of different plants and flowers; Tarracota starts with bergamot, lychee and freesia, its heart is composed of orange blossom, tiaré and jasmine, and the final scent is with iris, ambrette, vanilla and musk. Nude Musk, on the other hand, comes out with lemon, mandarin and apricot. After a while, marigold, neroli, freesia and jasmine appear, and it ends with the aromas of cedar, ambrette, amber and musk.


Left to right: Nume Musk and Terracotta Musk

With this new launch, from Adolfo Domínguez want to make clear their values; how important it is for them the natural ingredients with which they create the fragrances and the respect that deserves the nature taking care of it. In addition, each perfume is different in each skin, each woman has an essence of her own, and the fragrance adapts enhancing sensuality and naturalness..

Size and price: 60ml – 40€, 100ml – 60,50€.

3-Voce Viva: intensity in a small bottle

Voce Viva, the new fragrance from Valentino that invites all women to fight, to find their way and decide to fulfill their dreams. With that goal in mind, Valentino has devised a new trail full of intensity and that lasts over time. As a figure of inspiration, Lady Gaga has been chosen to represent the campaign. The singer has been heard for more than a decade for her songs, she dedicates herself body and soul to writing her songs, and to inspire all those who follow her.


Voce Viva by Valentino

The brand asked perfumers Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie to increase the powerful and vibrant touch of the fragrance’s original trail. True to the Color, Cool and Couture chords, thus recalling a charismatic, determined and confident woman. For the fragrance, they have used citrus that are enhanced with a pear accord, bergamot essence and garnished with nuances of Italian mandarin. In addition, it is accompanied by jasmine sambac, reinforced with orange blossom.


The perfume is composed of natural ingredients

The bottle has been adorned with Valentino’s signature studs, designed in a V-shape reminiscent of the cut of a haute couture dress. The red emblematic of the maison dresses the cap and the perfume case. With an innovative burgundy tone, intense and vibrant.

Size and price: 30ml – 69€, 50ml – 93,5€, 100ml – 129,5€.

4- Perfume 19-69: through the years

The Female Christ perfume firm starts the season with a new collection: 19-69, created by Johan Bergelin. Composed of 9 fragrances, they have needed two years to create them, helped by artisans from Scandinavia, France and Italy. Each perfume has its own distinctive touch, inspired by different eras in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia. These products are created in a unisex way, and the brand invites you to explore without limits.


Female Christ Collection 19-69

The creator himself, Johan Bergelin, recognizes that the 80s were a great influence for him when it came to devising new concepts. Men and women began to experience groundbreaking new looks, and Bergelin wants to convey this with his work.

The brand name is a statement of intent. 1969 represents an era marked by freedom, tolerance and counterculture. It is also the year I was born and my way of exposing myself openly and saying: “This is real. This is who I am.”- Johan Bergelin


19-69 is inspired by ancient times, but conceived with innovative touches

Each glass bottle is varnished and silk-screened in Italy, as well as artisan handmade. 9 perfumes containing aromas that transport you to another place and time. The company believes that scent comes to life when it touches the skin, and each skin is different. In fact, several studies recognize that people tend to be attracted to scents that work with their natural body odor.

Size and price:100ml – 165€.

5-Constantinople: memories of a city

This October the Penhaligon’s brand will launch the new fragrance of the Trade Routes collection, Constantinople. Inspired by the “Queen of Cities”, a place between Europe and Asia; between the Black Sea and the Aegean. This collection of perfumes is designed to travel around cities of the world, this time it is Constantinople, an important city with thousands of stories and legends.


Constantinople, new fragrance from the Trade Routes collection

From Penhaligon’s they consider their woody oriental scent. Siberian pine, pink pepper essence and lavender create a fresh and light start, to be later compensated by lily and geranium. In addition, vanilla, patchouli and moss complete the ingredients of the formula. An exquisite, elegant and very well designed fragrance, sits bottle is reminiscent of ancient times, as if from another world.

Size and price: 100ml – 178€.

6-Luna Rossa Ocean: ocean depths 

Prada presents its new men’s fragrance Luna Rossa Ocean, a perfume with its elegant scent and vibrant freshness. It was conceived by perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim, and has been created from technology. Its innovation lies in the traditional distillation to which the natural ingredients are subjected, they break down the formula in a molecular way having finally a 100% custom-created olfactory profile.


New men’s perfume Luna Rossa Ocean

The scent that penetrates the skin is a citrus cocktail combined with lavender and sage, in addition, we find saffron and notes of orris. All that wrapped in a careful blend of patchouli, vetiver and musks. The bottle has been designed with the idea of combining physical and mental strength to master technology, and reach higher and higher goals. It is lacquered in deep blue, in reference to the ocean, sports Prada’s red band and its black cap is adorned with a red dot..


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been chosen as the face for the launching of the perfume

The name of the collection comes directly from the America’s Cup sailing competition, an ancient activity of the nautical world, where in 1997, the Italian team created Luna Rossa. Hence, its name, moreover, this perfume linked to the ocean, that water that travels horizons and invites adventurers to new challenges. 

Size and price: 50ml – 70€ , 100ml – 94,50€.

7-Ralph’s Club: union and elegance

Ralph Lauren introduces Ralph’s Club, a new men’s fragrance created to foster a spirit of unity among people. Its scent is long-lasting, and has been inspired by non-conformist men who enjoy life to the fullest. Reflecting its own essence, Ralph Lauren has chosen a cast of young men to star in the campaign, including models Luka Sabbat, Gigi Hadid and musician Lucky Blue Smith.


Ralph’s Club, with its elegant and sophisticated style

Ralph’s Club celebrates the idea of togetherness, of bringing together people from all walks of life. You are transported to a quintessentially New York night, which could as easily have been held in the 1920s as in the present day. A combination of art, music, culture and fashion where everyone brings something unique, Gigi Hadid.

To celebrate the launch of the fragrance, Ralph Lauren Fragrance offered a virtual experience in August at Ralph’s Club through augmented reality. Guests were able to gain access via QR codes on product packaging and through exclusive codes offered by the brand’s partners.


From left to right: Luka Sabbat, Gigi Hadid and Lucky Blue Smith.

The perfume has been created exclusively by perfumer Dominique Ropion, and has used the distillation of natural ingredients of the highest quality. Fresh notes of lavandin, sage, Virginia cedar and vetiver balance to perfection. The bottle is the result of years of artisanal expertise, designed in an elegant and sophisticated manner, and mimics art deco. The leaded design features a hinged cap adorned with the Ralph’s Club monogram.

Size and price: 30ml – 60€, 50ml – 77€, 100ml – 104€ 

8-Alien Goddess: golden femininity

Thierry Mugler opens a new chapter with Alien Goddess, its new fragrance that invites you to embark on a supernatural and extraordinary journey. A fragrance that calls for a new kind of optimistic neofemininity, and with an avant-garde essence and spirit.


Alien Goddess Perfume

Its formula is composed of bergamot essence and an infusion of royal jasmine grown in India. In addition, they combine with Madagascar boubon vanilla and cashmere wood. Its ingredients are obtained from sources and production processes environmentally friendly, and from Mugler are very conscious. In fact, the packaging itself is also developed in a sustainable way, and has the FSC certificate, which guarantees respect for the forests;

My goal is to create a new culture around Mugler. I want Mugler to represent all women, of all ages, sizes and skin color, and at any occasion. – Casey Cadwallader, creative director of Mugler.


Alien Goddess canister can be refilled

The fragrance has had the collaboration of perfumers Marie Salamagne and Nathalie Lorson, who have managed to channel the message of Alien Goddess. A creation that dresses its bottle in gold, and is designed to be refilled comfortably at home.

Size and price: 30ml – 76,50€ , 60ml – 103€, 90ml – 121,50€ 

In addition, it is also available in refill format of 100ml – 115,50€ or travel refill with 10ml – 26,50€.

Images courtesy of Lancôme, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Thierry Mugler, Valentino, Adolfo Dominguez, Female Christ, Penhaligon’s.

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