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Now that staying at home is more advisable than ever, using your free time to transform the interior design of your home is a great idea.

With the help of some simple materials such as wood, carbon fiber or even simple pet bottles you can modify the decoration of different rooms and, at the same time, entertain yourself.

Floating tables and storage spaces

Some of the options that help you change the ambiance are coffee tables with drawers, functional storage spaces and floating drawers that you can hang on the wall. Here are some helpful ideas:

Floating drawers

These boxes are usually square, although they can also be found in other shapes such as hexagons and triangles. They are excellent for placing ornaments, books or plants and give an enveloping feeling to the interior of the rooms.


Example of hanging drawers

Functional spaces

You can also build some boxes that give style to your spaces and, at the same time, serve as surfaces where you can place decorative objects. These have the advantage of offering extra storage for items you don’t use often or even for Christmas decorations, if you have little space to store them.


Building your own furniture is very easy thanks to the tips we provide you with.

Make a coffee table

Make a coffee table


There are many options to build the coffee table that best suits your style.


Additional benefits of redecorating with your creations

In addition to the improvements you can make in your home and the benefits of dedicating part of your time to manual activities that involve a small personal challenge, there are other positive aspects that we usually do not consider. For this reason, we mention, below, other benefits of doing crafts:

New neural connections

Whether you are an expert or it is your first time with the hammer, this type of manual activity helps your brain create new neural connections that, in the long run, will help you maintain your mental capacity and alertness.


Building furniture helps your neuronal capacity and allows you to create a good relationship with your colleagues.

Improve your health and attention span

Health is paramount. Staying healthy is the best way to enjoy a good quality of life, and even more so in these pandemic times.


Decorating the house and building furniture help to improve your ability to concentrate

You save money and connect better with the space you live in.

Once you have your plan and the elements you need to create or repair, you’ll find that the cost of doing it yourself is less than half the cost. In addition, making your own furniture will help you connect more with your home and help you enjoy and value the space you live in more.


Building your own furniture helps to better connect with your home

In this time when we are asked to spend a lot of time at home, we have a great opportunity to transform our home with all those ideas that we have always wanted to carry out and for which we could not find the necessary time. Remember to use the right tools and, if you need professional help, find out what options are available in your area.


Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels