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We are introducing the five races thoroughbreds in an artistic editorial where fashion, beauty and man come together under one concept: the horse.

Beauty Written by Rosa Girona / Horse Written by Ilona Jover

Photographer & Painting:Greg Swales
Fashion & Art director:Abraham Gutiérrez


Captures the essence of virility of the modern man inherited from the Roman gods. An original sensual neo-Oriental creation, with notes of spices and tuberose and contrasts of leather and amber, iris, rum and tonka bean and guaiac wood. (100 ml – 95 €)

Arab Purebred HORSE
It is considered the embryo of all of the breeds of light horses around the world. At first glance what is most striking about the Arab is its beauty, its small head, harmony, its well-balanced proportions, which combined with its temperament and distinction, make the Arab an elegant example when being ridden and excellent for sport, especially for long-distance racing.  It is a versatile animal, swift, agile, courageous, resistant and highly intelligent. Cross-breeding with it has contributed to creating other breeds and improving other already existent ones.


A homage to  intelligence, beauty and strength: the trilogy of masculine perfection. Bracing and fresh from the off, middle notes of “amaretto” and bass note of tonka. (50 ml – 60,70 €)

English Purebred HORSE
The English Purebred originates in the XVIIIth century. It has a long and muscular neck, a wide and straight rear end and its extremities are long and strong, which endows it with great athleticism. It is the fastest breed in the world. It was created for and by racing following years of selection. The most common colors are chestnut, sorrel and black. They frequently have a white mark on their face.


Fresh and indomitable, sharp and endless. A harmonious ensemble playing citric notes from Calabria, mint, vanilla, tonka bean and aromatic accords hinting at the presence of sandalwood from Haiti.(100 ml – 87 €)

Quarter Horse(or American Quarter Horse)
Due to its surprising muscle mass, the Quarter Horse is relatively low in stature relative to what it weighs. Their class based on speed and agility, this horse’s favorite arms. Their powerful musculature and their low center of gravity, much further forward than any other horse, give them great stability as a result of which many opine that the Quarter Horse is the finest athlete in the world and lately one of the most widely-bred. They are normally used as workers on the farm, for cattle-breeding and for the disciplines of the Wild West.



Personal and accessible, highlights the personality of the wearer, at the same time as keeping their personal touch. With special notes of sandalwood, cinnamon and vanilla.(50 ml – 63 €)

The Spanish Purebred also known as the “Spanish horse” or “Andalusian horse” is one of the oldest breeds in the world.  They can be found in almost all colors although the most common is dappled. The strong and arched neck is, without any shadow of a doubt, its most distinguishing and distinguished feature. It possesses many of the necessary aptitudes for the cavalry and high dressage school, and for its bravery and arrogance is the preferred horse for the bullfighting-ring.


The long-distance one. Works on the skin with an uncommon intensity. Recaptures the iris from Tuscany, to give it a more carnal character, almost animal, incorporating notes of leather and Virginia Cedar.(100 ml – 75 €)

It is a descendent of the old horse from the Northern European forests (Friesland), bred principally in the north of the Low Countries – Belgium and Netherlands.  Their calm temperament make the Friesian the perfect animal for going shooting. They have also been used in the circus owing to their black coats, their appearance and stature. Its mane and tail are thick and normally wavy. Their extremities are strong with furry hooves.


Models: Spyros Christopoulos (VIEW Model Management), Dima (TREND Model Management), Virgil-Henry (UNO Models), Sergio Carvajal (SIGHT Management) y Frederik Meijnen (UNO Models) | Grooming: Montse Ribalta para GHD Hair.