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Pay tribute to the strongest, most dedicated and loving woman you know. Surprise your mother in the most spontaneous way this May 2nd.

A perfume is an aspirational gift and remains one of the most desired gifts for women. Knowing the preferences of the olfactory family and the intensity of the perfume is important to make it easier to choose the one she will like the most.

From Horse, we bring you a selection of new fragrances to surprise her.

Voce Viva: Raise your voice with Valentino Beauty 

This perfume is an ideal gift for your mother, as it pays tribute to love and women. From Valentino Beauty want to celebrate May 2 with a new chest of the most iconic perfume of this year, Voce Viva.

We know that it is very complicated to express the scent of the essence of a perfume, but we try to summarize it with these three key words: color, which evokes the enthusiasm of the woman, which is expressed and sensed with the sense of smell by a sparkling opening of Italian bergamot, softened by a soft mandarin. The second is the couture note, which brings with it an opulent bouquet of orange blossom absolute and radiant golden gardenia. Last but not least we come across the cool element, which is formed by an unexpected crystal moss, vanilla and creamy sandalwood.


Packaging and perfume Voce Viva by Valentino Beauty.

This scent experience of 50 ml has the price of 91,66€.

Eau Libre: spread your wings with Yves Saint Laurent

The Yves Saint Logan motto is “Free“. Convey this empowering energy to your mother with this perfume and remind her that the years do not weigh, but on the contrary, they liberate.  This fragrance breaks with the established, sending a message to every woman who needs to challenge her own limits without fear of failure.

The smell of Free is indescribable. So abstract words like transparency, purity and sincerity are most apt. The design of Libre is sexy and bold, accentuating these concepts with Diva lavender from Provence and orange blossom from Morocco. These scents are unified thus creating a tension between masculinity and absolute femininity represented through the white flowers.


Perfume “Libre” by YSL.

The price of the perfume varies depending on the size you choose.

100ml bottle $110,70; the 60ml bottle $90; the 30ml bottle $63.

Flowerbomb: the most magical perfume by Viktor & amp; Rolf

Viktor & Rolf take advantage of Mother’s Day to launch a new perfume box. This time, they wanted to surround themselves with magic to pay tribute to the strongest women, mothers.

This perfume represents an ode to positivity and femininity. It is a true experience beyond a fragrance. The fragrance is a waltz between scents. It is composed of jasmine sambac, freesia, catteleya orchid and rose centifolia. To these previous elements, bold patchouli and sweet vanilla give the fragrance those rocky touches that pay homage to the pomegranate-shaped bottle, also a symbol of empowerment.



Special Mother’s Day perfume box Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

The price of this chest is €76.5 with the 30 ml bottle.

Chanel Le-Lion: bold, instinctive and radiant

Chanel bets on the combination of opposing forces and transforms a bottle of perfume into a melody of scents. The firm wants to convey with this perfume the majesty of the lion. Its position is similar to that of a mother, because it uses its claw to protect, not to attack.

Le Lion de Chanel represents mastered power. With different ingredients such as Cistus Labdanum and Madagascar vanilla, Chanel creates a perfume that will soon be impregnated throughout the firm. And it is that the lion will end up being engraved on the buttons of tweed suits, on the closures of the bags, and will eventually become an emblem of Chanel Haute Joaillerie.


Perfume by Les Exclusifs de Chanel, Le Lion de Chanel.

This power-packed flask is priced depending on its size.

The 75ml perfume is priced at 180€, and the 200ml maxi size is priced at 325€.

Givenchy L’Interdit: a hundred flowers in a bottle 

The Givenchy brand is positioned in the most exquisite sweetness. This limited edition perfume will be the perfect gift for your mother, as it will be as if you were giving her a bouquet of a hundred flowers slipped drop by drop in a bottle.


The L’Interdit perfume is like a warm breeze. The protagonist of this fragrance is the Egyptian Orange Blossom, which sweetly coexists with the white Clandestine Flower of L’Interdit. These key ingredients propel this fragrance to the pinnacle of delicacy.


Limited edition fragrance L’interdit Millesime by Givenchy.

This 50 ml bottle full of sweetness has aprice of 95€.

Bvlgari OMNIA by Mary Katrantzou: The different visions of serpenti 

Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou does her bit and reinvents Bvlgari’s Omnilandia collection. This perfume evokes the designer’s floral dresses as a reference, thus merging Mary’s style with Bvlgari fragrances.


OMNIA Perfume by Mary Katrantzou x Bvlgri.

This infinity-shaped perfume will take over the designer’s color palette. The bottle is layered with crystal petals, which translate into shades that merge the spirit of both collaborators. The Gardenia accord is the essence that carries the baton in this bottle, presenting it with flashes of Mediterranean orange blossom and stitches of blond wood. This combination of elements results in a multifaceted fragrance. Perfect for your mother’s everyday life, what could be more unexpected than getting out of the routine?


Omnia Perfume by Mary Katrantzou x Bvlgari,

This 65ml fragrance has a price tag of 99€.

Acqua di Parma: Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura

This fragrance by Acqua di Parma is a memory, not a perfume. Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura perfume is inspired by the sensation of picking fruit straight from the tree, and the scent that this action impregnates in our hands.

To create the perfume they use “La Spugnatura” an artisanal technique used to extract a very rare and rarely used essence, the precious essence of Bergamotta. If you want to give your mother exclusivity, delicacy and craftsmanship this is the winning perfume. Besides Bergamotta, the perfume is surrounded by tangerine and orange tones to give its wearers juicier and fruitier accents.


Left: Travel leather vaporizer with the fragrance ‘Le Nobile’ Right: Bergamotto from Calabria ‘La Spugnatura’.

Leather vaporizer to carry the fragrance ‘Le Nobile’ 20ml: 135€.

Bergamotto de Calabria ‘La Spugnatura’ limited edition of 100 ml: 130€.

All images have been provided by the brands mentioned above.