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Winter is here and with it the season that skiers love the most. The cold and the snow are a perfect excuse to escape to the mountains to ski and enjoy everything that other winter sports allow us to do. Have you already thought about your next getaway?

You already know that one of the best ideas is to spend the weekend of skiing in Sierra Nevada with Through this portal, you will find all kinds of offers and discounts for whatever you want. The possibilities that are presented are maximum, since you will have in your hand an endless number of locations where you can go down the slope. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will find your place.

Your first steps in skiing

Knows the condition of the slopes well

The first thing you will have to do is to know how are the ski slopes when you go to practice for the first time. No matter how much you plan, it is always important to check it the same morning you are going to do it. Both hotels and different websites keep the information updated, so it will be easy for you to see the forecast for the whole day. Always look for the green slopes, the easiest ones.


Knowing in advance what the ski slopes are like is very important to avoid accidents.

Take ski lessons

It may seem obvious, but the best way to learn to ski is to have someone experienced teach you. No matter how many tricks we give you here, it will always be easier to have someone else accompany you and guide you in your first days. Both in Sierra Nevada and in many other ski resorts you will find perfect schools to get you started.


Taking ski lessons can be a great help during the first few days of skiing.

Adjust your equipment well

Once you are ready to go down the slope, remember to put on all the necessary clothing and materials for skiing. The boots must be firm and support the foot and ankle to avoid sprains. If it is a rented equipment and you see that your foot dances, change the boot for another one of a smaller size. This will reduce the possibility of falls and injuries.


Having all the necessary equipment ready is essential for a good skiing session.

Always use walking sticks

Even if you adjust everything well, it is very likely that you will fall more than once or twice. But don’t worry, it’s normal. The poles will help you balance while walking, but they will also be useful for getting back on your feet after a fall. If so, take off your skis (remember to nail them slightly so they do not fall with the slope), lean on the poles and put them back on.


Walking sticks can be of great help in falls

The position of the body is fundamental

The basic foundation is easy: body relaxed and knees semi-flexed. Then, close the front angle of the skis a little, without touching, and press a little with the inside of your feet to control the speed. The day after your first skiing session you will feel stiffness that you never imagined, but this is normal for beginners.


We give you tips to start skiing

Pre-ski warm-up

Precisely, if you want to avoid as much as possible these stiffness, you will have to warm up before starting. Like any other sporting activity, it is important to warm up your body before putting it to its maximum capacity. Look for some videos on the internet, it won’t take long to find a routine that will help you prepare your muscles before you hit the slopes.


Before starting, a good warm-up is necessary

Safety first

Skiing is an incredible sport, which makes you connect with nature and with which you feel free as you glide across the snow. But it is also considered a risky sport, because of the speed you can reach if you don’t keep control. Therefore, always keep in mind the safety rules, wear a helmet and other protections and respect a consistent distance from other skiers.


It is important to follow all safety measures to avoid accidents.

Enjoy skiing

You’ve probably guessed by now that skiing is a really exhausting sport. You’ll end the day with a tired (and possibly bruised) body, but wanting for more. The best thing is that, during your training hours, you’ll be so excited to get started with this new practice that you’ll hardly realize you need a break.


It is very easy to enjoy a sport such as skiing.

Take advantage of all the offers

Now that you want to start skiing, you probably don’t know yet if this hobby will stay with you for a long time or not. Look for bargains when buying equipment (if you don’t rent it) and use platforms like for reservations. Once you discover all that skiing has to offer, you’re sure to decide to spend a lot of time on the mountain.


It is important to choose the right ski resort to get the most out of your stay.

Don’t forget the preparations

Finally, you should pack in your suitcase everything you need to spend a day in the snow with maximum comfort. We are not only referring to waterproof and specialized pants or coats for the snow, but sunscreen and sunglasses.


Sunglasses or goggles for skiing are very important

Sometimes we think that because we are in the snow in the middle of winter, this will not affect us, and we end up worse than after an afternoon at the beach bar.


Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.