This is the story of two friends. Josep Borras, winegrower, and Oriol Elcacho, international famous model.

Josep and Oriol met again themselves after many years in the Mas de Vinyes, a winery in the province of Tarragona; place with a fantastic land, mother of delicious wines. That meeting set out a challenge: make an unforgettable wine.


Traca I Mocador” is the answer of this challenge. From the mixture of different grapes like Grenache (60%), Merlot (10%), Samso (10%), Syrah (10%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) was born this explosion of flavor.

A name that spread joy and good humor; It is a very popular expression in the mother tongue of both ,the Catalan, in English it could be translate “Drum and Cymbal“. It is the closest name to define the friendship between the two protagonists.

It is a wine full of humor and simplicity , but also of elegance and flavor.

With it Intense and pure red color, with fruity and sweet notes thanks to the presence of caramel, but definitely a mature wine with character, as the land where it comes from.


Traca i Mocador” officially becomes part of the wine list of “Jaime Beriestain cafe” in Barcelona, whose chef, after careful tasting , suggests an oriental accompaniment dish; the “ Hamachi with Andean touches ” that offers a perfect marriage between the lemon fish (Hamachi) and Andean vegetables.

A conquering blend of oriental cuisine and fresh vegetables. A young wine, easy to drink; a celebration of friendship. Is possible to buy this wine for the price of 26 euros in the restaurant and also it can be found in wineries.



More infos: http://www.masdelesvinyes.com/es/