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The Salone del Mobile in Milan has opened its doors to delve into the novelties and collaborations with renowned designers in the world of furniture. From Tuesday 18 to Sunday 23 April, World Book Day, you will be able to enjoy and see the craftsmanship they have carried out to create unique furniture.

For this year, the Furniture Fair in Milan wanted to redesign the concept of the fair, creating a new layout and spaces as for the Euroluce project. In the same way, exhibitors and designers have an aesthetic and cultural path that gives them identity, as well as a specialized library designed by Corraini. Houses such as Loewe, Roche Bobois, or Dior arrive at the fair exhibiting their latest novelties, with traditional craftsmanship being one of the most untouchable elements when it comes to design.

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Louis Vuitton arrives in Milan with a new trunk design and nomadic pieces

Louis Vuitton arrives at the Milan Furniture Fair with its new Nomadic Objects collection, as well as its new Cabinet of Curiosities trunk designed by Marc Newson. The historic Palazzo Serbelloni is the place where you can enjoy the eleven new pieces created to further expand the collection of nomadic objects. Atelier Oï, which already participated in the first collection exhibited in 2012, has brought four new objects to Milan. London designers Raw Edges have brought an armchair and a Binda sofa with round lines recreating the shape of the tennis ball. Atelier Biagetti has designed the Flower Tower lamp, an innovative column of 15 flower-shaped bubbles, while Marcel Wanders has recreated a personal lamp with three glass haloes.


The new trunk designed by Marc Newson and the flower-shaped lamp by Marcel Wanders.

On the other hand, Italian designers Zanellato/Bortotto, Studio Louis Vuitton and the Campana brothers exhibit Basket Table, Flower Carafe and Twist Glass, Disco Ball and Bacana, respectively. A small coffee table, a decanter and new marble and aluminum bookends, and finally the classic Cocoon hanging armchair with mosaic-covered cushions. The new trunk, in its interior has 19 leather-lined metal cubes, having 8 with doors to use as drawers. This is the first one to open 180º, being perfect for placing books, works of art or photographs. You can choose the trunk in three sizes and three different colors, being a limited edition of 40 copies.

Hommés Studio looks to the future without abandoning handcrafted elements.

Hommés Studio, together with Tapis Studio, presents the exhibition Neocosmos- Take Me To The Sun, with an eye on the design of the future. For the show they have brought together the current trends and those that are emerging, the combination of colors and the importance of craft that remains popular. But, without losing sight of the future, through the exhibition they want to pay homage to nature and the benefit of it for society. In the design of future interiors, sustainable materials and renewable technologies will promote a healthy environment. The diversity of lively colors, recalling meadows and forests, or being surrounded by flowers is something the mind needs, bringing serenity and spaciousness inside homes.


The oval and pompous shapes, together with the combinations of bright colors and white. Being the lamp a total recreation of the sun to which they want to reach through the Neocosmos exhibition.

In addition, minimalism is still on the rise, as it allows a cleaner and purer design, in the same way as reusing the old to create new models. The traditional evolves over the years allowing the creation of novelties that, in the end, have their origin in the past. Among all the pieces, we see that the curved and irregular lines play to give a fun and original decoration, as well as the warm colors combined with violets, reds and blues.

Loewe chooses the traditional chair as a transforming element

This year, chairs are the protagonists for Loewe with its project named Loewe Chairs, the traditional weaving has allowed to obtain a unique piece. The courtyard of the Palazzo Isimbardi hosts the collection of chairs made with different materials such as leather or thermal blanket sheets. From the fashion house they wanted to unite something as simple as the stick chairs, or stick chair, a typical piece of furniture in old houses, and then transform them. Through coatings and decorations they bring a unique quality and originality, diversity in their textures and colors, connecting the craftsman who weaves the designs and the structure of the chair.


Loewe has revolutionized something as simple as the classic rural chairs, giving them a totally different vision and aesthetics by decorating them in an original way.

Thirty chairs have been redesigned, twenty-two of them being antique pieces and the remaining eight crafted by Telar Lloyd. Each of the chairs designed by Lloyd has been made with natural fibers and leather. One of them is painted with a motif of mushrooms, carried out with artisanal techniques. Loewe has wanted to emphasize that none of the chairs has been modified when decorating them, only the materials that embellish them show a difference between them. Silver or gold foil, bows created with print or with paper loom are some of the materials that, in the end, make them unique.

Roche Bobois continues its commitment to the creative and original art of Joana Vasconcelos.

Roche Bobois has presented together with Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos the new Bombom collection. Since 2019 Vasconcelos has been collaborating with the brand showing the importance of craft traditions, as well as the Portuguese influence. For this new collection of sofas, rugs, small tables and ceramic accessories the artist was inspired by the pastel-toned facades of old houses in Lisbon. A mix of colors that appear as the sun sets at dusk. When it comes to design, Vasconcelos plays with fun lines and shapes, which stand out from the ordinary, but provide comfort and a combination perfect for decorating the home.


The artist Vasconcelos has specially decorated the Roche Bobois store in Milan with designs from the new collection.

The rounded shapesare the main key in the collection, the sofa modules can be mixed and matched, with the backrests being able to be adjusted to suit individual tastes. The indoor and outdoor sofasare upholstered in Méridien fabricupholstered. Following the lines of the sofas, those of side tables match them, designed with lacquered or glossy polyester resin. The two models of rugs and the decorative ceramic accessories also play with the mix of bright colors. Within the latter are vases, table centerpieces,boxesandtotems. Made with red clay and glazed by hand.

Philippe Starck seeks the two faces of Dior’s elegance

This year for the Milan Furniture Fair, Dior has continued its collaboration with Philippe Starck, bringing a collection of elegant and timeless furniture. Including within the catalog the Monsieur Dior armchair. The French designer has recognized that after the creation of the Miss Dior chair, “it was natural to expand the family”, and has recreated the second part of the iconic Medallion chair, seeking a balance between Miss and Monsieur Dior. The pieces of the collection are located in the Palazzo Citterio, an 18th-century building, and set for visitors to immerse themselves in a unique experience.


The Montenapoleone boutique exhibits the collection created by Philippe Starck with the classic Medallion chair as a reference.

The pieces presented have a wide range of materials and colors, from polished aluminum or lacquered aluminum, fabric bouclé ecru and toile de Jouy pink, black or orange. In addition, they are accompanied by several tables of different sizes, and stools. Philippe Strack has once again been inspired by the elegance that the house conveys, thus refining each curve of the new models devised. For him, simplicity is a strong point to be valued, for example, he considers aluminum to be the basis of the foundations when building, an origin where intelligence and inspiration are set in motion.

Casarialto Atelier and the power of nature on glass

Nature is a source of eternal inspiration, and Casarialto chooses it to pay homage to its beauty on the glasses that make up its Oasis of Rialto collection. Installed in the three courtyards of the Bagatti-Valsecchi building, the vases, candelabra, glasses, carafes, and other furnishing accessories form a single universe within a setting enveloped by vertical gardens and plants. Each of the glasses are engraved with objects of fauna and flora, land and sea, the inspiration that has allowed Catherine Urban to reinterpret the designs. The works are artisanal and Italian in origin, created with traditional techniques by master glassmakers.


The engraved drawings recreate having these animals inside them thanks to their detail and vivid colors.

The central courtyard presents a selection with pieces in borosilicate glass, usually used to create accessories that withstand high temperatures when used. In the second courtyard you can enjoy the project Giù in cortile and Giù in giardino with the collaboration of the artist Michela Urban. The installation is composed of a triptych of mirrors and natural inserts, representing metaphorical windows on nature. Meanwhile, the third section becomes a video theater where they explain the artisanal processes that each piece goes through. In this last garden, they offer a vision of the art of Casarialto and the artisans when elaborating each detail.

DEDON’s more than 30 years and its passion for innovation in new fibers

In 1990 DEDON began its journey developing a fiber that allowed it to revolutionize the outdoor furniture business. More than 30 years later the novelties keep coming step by step experimenting with different materials. For the fair they have brought the new Spirit of Design exhibition, located at the Garden Senato in Milan, to preview the new advances for the 2024 season. Four are the collections presented on this occasion, a lamp and three outdoor chairs: Scoora, Cirql Nu, Papyon and Kida. In each piece, craftsmanship and delicate design are key elements.


From left to right: Cirql Nu, Scoora and Kida

The Scoora lamp carries the meaning of sky, shell or dawn in different languages, as it physically resembles a shell that lets glimpse the light that shines inside. The Cirql Nu chair is created with Dedon’s inverted fiber Bicolor, combining two colors and two fibers at once. The Papyon armchair, designed by Arnd Kuchel, conveys elegance and simplicity. Inspired by the delicacy of butterflies, the piece is handcrafted, accompanied by a footrest. It consists of two color combinations, Nectar, with warm reds and oranges, and Moonlake, bathed in blue. Finally, Kida, a chair with a very light elliptical structure that combines perfectly in rustic, coastal or mountain environments.

Dolce & Gabbana is committed to artistic dialogue with young new talents

Nine designs by ten designers from the GenD project.  GenD are exhibiting at the Milan Furniture Fair for Dolce & Gabbana. The chosen designers come from different corners of the world, from Colombia where American Chris Wolston, the Lebanese duo, Sayar & Garibeh, based in France or Ahryun Lee, the Korean ceramist living on German soil. All specialized in different branches of design, ceramics or creative carpentry. They have been able to approach different techniques and methods, using materials such as wrought iron, terracotta crafts, Murano blown glass, among others.


Antonio Aricò’s Limonaia installation is depicted illuminated in yellow, showing angels, ceramic chairs and tables.

This project has allowed the artists to connect with the Italian home, capturing the essence and value of experimenting in a freeway. The search for young designers with groundbreaking ideas was the reason for this project, and highlighting one of them, Antonio Aricòis an example. The Italian artist presents his installation Limonaia, a space inside a Baroque-style pergola, filled with his latest ceramics. The yellow glass walls that wrap around the pergola cast sunlight that floods the interior with gold..

Qeeboo showcases new products and collaborations with renowned designers

Queeboo has arrived in Milan with the intention of showcasing its latest new products as well as its new collaborations with world-renowned designers. Artist Philippe Starck returns with a set of tables, large and small, named Helpyourself. The Campana brothers are also on display, as well as alongside Louis Vuitton, with the Bacana chair. Among the novelties, Qeeboo presents a versatile bookcase that can be placed both vertically and horizontally. On the other hand, a new union has been presented for this year with the artist Kris Rush, who exhibits a collection of animal sculptures.


The Campana brothers exhibit their Bacana chairs and Philippe Strack the original Helpyourself table.

Continuing the collaboration with many other designers, Marcantonio presents Hungry Frog, a very curious lamp in the shape of a hungry frog that wants to eat the bulb placed on it. Meanwhile, Dai Sugasawa presents Abyss, a table lamp in the shape of a fish. Marco Oggian and Nika Zupaanc also join with different pieces, with tables and mirrors characterized by their own styles. They play with fun shapes, recreating lovers’ bows or small animals.

Images provided by the brands mentioned above

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