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Very often the only news that reaches us from certain countries in the Middle East is bad, if not horrible. Something that leads us to think that in that region of the world they live in a permanent and stark armed conflict. It is true that there are territories submerged in an extremely cruel reality, in eternal wars, sometimes evident and sometimes hidden. But it is no less true that there are many other countries where life goes on as normal.

Jerusalem, a fashionable tourist destination

Once this present reality is clear, we can begin to learn about the past of this part of the planet. It is then that we see that the Near East is the cradle of civilization as we know it. Agriculture, writing, the first monuments, the beliefs of many religions and an endless number of elements that have shaped our culture appeared here. And discovering the traces of all that is certainly fascinating. It is the reason to consider a trip to these countries straddling Asia and Europe.

The most common destinations in the Middle East

It is clear that no one in their right mind today would think of going sightseeing in countries like Syria, Yemen or Iraq. On the other hand, there are many other fabulous places. Places in which to take a walk through history and through landscapes completely different from those we have ever seen.

There are classic destinations to which all the major wholesalers in the travel industry offer vacation packages. These destinations are Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and lately Israel is becoming very fashionable.

Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World

These traditional circuits include essential visits. Never miss the mythical Jordanian city of Petra or the Pyramids of Giza as the maximum emblem of the Egypt of the pharaohs. As well as it is also basic to take a balloon ride over the lunar landscape of Turkish Cappadocia or try to dive into the waters of the Dead Sea in Israeli territory.

Of course, all these wonders and many others become must see during a trip to the Middle East. But you can see them in multiple ways! In hectic circuits, but also in much more select and exclusive trips. And that’s where some agencies specialized in designing tailor-made trips come in, such as Nuba or Bharad. With them you not only get to know the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan, take a cruise on the Nile or stroll through the biblical scenes of The Holy Land. In addition it is combined with a stay in the best accommodations and the enjoyment of the most accurate and authentic gastronomy.

A classic vacation in Egypt: the Nile Cruise

Emerging destinations in the Arabian Sea

Tourism continues to be a mirror of the economic world, so among the most demanded destinations today are countries like Arab Emirates, Oman or Bharein. Some territories that have evolved more in the last three decades than in millennia of history. And that evolution is framed in a clear idea: ostentation. A concept that also inspires tourism in the area.

The Dubai skyline is the image of the wealth of the Emirates.

It is true that generalist travel agencies offer rich experiences in these places. But it is still possible to go one step further towards greater exclusivity. For that you have to resort to more personalized proposals. These are offered by the aforementioned agency Nuba and others such as the prestigious Villas del Mundo or Elefant Travel. All of them can make us know what is the oriental luxury at its best.

The Near East and its lesser-known destinations

And finally we want to talk about other destinations in the Middle East much less named. Which perhaps provide us with the idea of discovering unique and exciting places.

Who wouldn’t love to marvel at the ruins of Persepolis in Iran? How about climbing Mount Ararat in Armenia, where Noah’s Ark supposedly arrived to be saved from the Flood? And for the more daring who want to go a little further, dreaming of the wonders of the past, why not venture into the mythical Samarkand, today in Uzbekistan and on the way to Central Asia?

Samarkand, a monumental jewel on the ancient Silk Road

These places in the Near East are unknown territories for most tourists. And there are more like the traces of the Phoenicians in Lebanon. Or get to know the wonders of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, which we already told you about in another Horse article.

Discovering them are experiences that can have it all. There is some adventure. There is also a lot of learning. And above all, they are sensory journeys. The best way to get to know lands and people that have so much to offer. To which collaborate the travel designs and expert guides offered by agencies so knowledgeable about the culture of these countries as the reputable Middle East Travel.

The Rock of Doves, the most charismatic of the Lebanese coast

In short, the Middle East offers an endless number of travel destinations. Places that can not only be reached, but can be visited in complete safety and enjoyed in conditions of comfort that will surprise even the most sybarite traveler.