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Preparing your suitcases and tickets so that, on your next trip, the Statue of Liberty welcomes you to the city of skyscrapers. New York, one of the most iconic cities in the world. It is a reference point for the latest trends in gastronomy and fashion, it is full of movement, cultural diversity and, on some occasions, debauchery. But, it is always good to have a peace of mind that guarantees to enjoy the experience with all five senses;

While the American city may seem like a challenge for the most inexperienced travellers, it’s capable of adapting to any New York lover. On long journeys between countries, it’s not uncommon for long journeys to hit a snag, such as lost luggage. Also, the situation with the COVID or for work reasons, it is necessary to return home prematurely. But there are always ways to travel safely and with peace of mind: to ensure a safe trip to New York. In this way, the cost in expenses, in a private health service, such as the American one, is much lower. This insurance is not a requirement for entering the country, but for any unforeseen event it is always good to have it. In addition, an optional cancellation insurance is available if the trip is not possible.

Being able to afford to wander the most distinctive streets and thus discover new and iconic restaurants is one of the reasons why prior security pays off. Katsuya, Club Steakhouse and Dhamaka are some of the most popular places at the moment. Renowned chefs dress up in their white jackets to bring the best of themselves to the tables. In the same way, international stars leave their mark on them to make them known, willingly and unwillingly.

Casa Dani: Travelling along the Mediterranean Sea

Our chef from Malaga, Dani García, is present on the streets of New York with Casa Dani. A benchmark restaurant, as behind it are Michelin star awards. Miles and miles away from Spain, his Andalusian roots are reflected in the dishes, without forgetting the innovations, being a culinary avant-gardist. Taking his homemade food to the top, combining textures, flavours and temperatures.


A tapa as typically Spanish as patatas bravas and cheesecake covered in grated cheese.

The presence of tapas is an essential element in the menu, with cherry gazpacho, tuna croquettes or patatas bravas. And from fried food from Malaga to paellas from Alicante, making diners travel along the Mediterranean in the most traditional way. All kinds of paellas; chicken, seafood or vegetables, from black rice to rice with tuna. Lucky to have a little piece of home away from home.

Carbone: the classic Italian essence

At 181 Thompson Street, mid-20th century Italy in New York is reflected today in Carbone. A restaurant headed by Mario Carbone, Rico Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick that carries this historical legacy within its four walls. Uniting the roots of the past to continue innovating and moving forward into the future. Carbone is the perfect choice for many celebrities who choose to enjoy the gastronomic offer. From the musician Ed Sheeran, Kendall Jenner or even the Beckham family have been seen appearing on different occasions to enjoy an elaborate menu.

Chicken a la Cacciatore, a beloved dish in Tuscany, Italy, and Codfish puttanesca

The variety of dishes offers a connection between classic pasta and different methods of preparation of meat, fish and vegetables. The juiciness of octopus pizzaiolo and prosciutto and melon start the gastronomic journey. Unless you want to start off strong with lobster ravioli, linguini with clams or fettuccini with mushrooms. With one of its star dishes in mind, the lobster fra diabolo.

Hwa Yuan: de legacy in legacy in Chinese haute cuisine 

As we travel through the cultural panorama, we leave behind the Italian essence to embark on a journey to traditional China. The haute cuisine restaurant, Hwa Yuan, has borne its name since the last century, winning the hearts of actors such as Steve McQueen and Peter Falk in the 1980s. And now it continues to triumph among celebrities such as Emma Stone. At the helm of his kitchen, chef Chen Lien Tang continues the legacy that his father left him years ago. With the aim of bringing Chinese haute cuisine to the heart of New York.


Dumplings and Szechuan-style lamb ribs.

Quality and care for the products is an essential element at Hwa Yuan. The duck is one of the most sophisticated dishes on the menu, prepared in advance, as the skin must be stretched and loosened, and then roasted in the oven to leave the meat soft and tender. On the other hand, lobsters and crabs, very delicate products, as they are seafood, go straight from the water to the plate. Combined with different condiments such as black truffle, spicy ginger sauce or garlic and pepper Hong Kong style.

Zuma: the robata technique among the streets of New York.

In recent years, Asian cuisine has made a giant leap in our kitchens, especially Japanese cuisine. When it comes to Japanese delicacies, we can talk about Zuma, a concept that combines traditional cuisine with a sophisticated style. Chef Rainer Becker was influenced by an innovative concept, taking the restaurant to the top around the world. From its origins in London to Madrid, winning the affection of personalities such as Demi Lovato or the footballer Cesc Fàbregas.


The presence of fresh fish and meat is elemental at Zuma, filling their plates with assorted sushi, tomahawk, seared tuna with chilli daikon and ponzu sauce.

The cosy atmosphere of the restaurant is reminiscent of those traditional izakayas, Japanese taverns. In addition to accompanying the cuisine with robata, using a charcoal grill where they cook everything from king crab with lime butter, grilled Chilean sea bass or Japanese wagyu. In this way, the charcoal gives off high temperatures, leaving a powerful flavour in the products. Unique flavours rooted in the land, because with the new cuisines this potential is often lost.

Nobu: Japanese and Peruvian connection

The union between the actor Robert De Niro and the chef Nobu Matsuhisa created one of the most innovative and high-end restaurants. Attracting many personalities from the world of art and cinema, it was able to take the brand around the world. Nobu, a restaurant with excellent cuisine that combines Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients. One of the most special dishes is black cod in miso.

Dumplings stuffed with wagyu beef   and foie gras balls. Complete with delicious karashi sauce and caviar cubes.

Within the extensive menu, hot and cold fish are the central element of Nobu’s gastronomy. You can find different types of tartares accompanied by caviar, Shiitake lobster salad or umami sea bass. Of course, wagyu beef is a must, as well as a tasting menu selected by the chef himself.

These are just some of the most pioneering restaurants on the current gastronomic scene. All of them concentrated in New York, surrounded by Central Park and the Empire State. Enjoy the shows, the great views of the city and take advantage of the cultures that intermingle in the streets. And https://heymondo.esoffers that peace of mind before and during your trip, having all circumstances covered, guaranteeing security 24 hours a day. In addition, through its app, you can access emergency call services, deal with incidents or chat with the team of doctors.

Images courtesy of Casa Dani, Carbone, Hwa Yuan, Zuma ,Nobu Restaurants

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