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The look is the new great center of attention of the face and there are many ways to play with it: shadows, pencils, mascara, eyeliner … and why not, colored lenses. Whether or not we have vision problems, colored contact lenses are a good option to give a special touch to a particular makeup or just want to change our look.

Play with your eye color

It is still not something very common and we are surprised to wear contact lenses simply for aesthetics and not by necessity, but surely if you have green eyes you have imagined highlighting them with a slight blue touch or if you have brown eyes, you have ever thought how green or blue eyes would look like. It’s as simple as buy blue contact lenses without graduating (or graduated if you need them) and try them.

Lentillas de color
Enhance your look by changing your eye color.

If your fear is that they may look unnatural, you should know that there are three types of colored contact lenses:

The opaque contact lenses allow you to completely change your eye color because they add a non-transparent tint to the contact lens. They are ideal for dark eyes or if you want to radically change your eye color.

The enhancing contact lenses do not provide a total change, but add a shade of color. They are ideal for making light-colored eyes more vivid.

The manipulation tinted contact lenses do not change eye color. They have a bluish or greenish tint but it is more practical than aesthetic since it is used to better see the contact lens when putting it in or taking it out or if it falls out or gets lost.

There are many websites where you can get one. In Vision Direct, for example, we have seen a large selection of opaque, enhancement, prescription, non-prescription and colored contact lenses in different shades (blue, green, brown, hazel, purple and gray).

Makeup focuses on the eyes 

Eyes, eyebrows and forehead are the only two parts of the face that are left uncovered with mascara, so makeup focuses on enhancing the look. The four make up trends for fall 2020 for eyes are:

-Big doses of black eyeliner and eyeliner. A look years 2010 and with a gothic touch that consists of makeup the eye both at the top and at the bottom in black. That’s the base, but the possibilities are endless: from a messy or blurred effect to a cat eye XL.

tendencias make up

Smokey eyes inspired by the 80’s that mix two vibrant and metallic shades of shadow. Combine an emerald green and a sapphire fuchsia for an evening event.

tendencias make up

-To highlight the look in our day to day we apply highlighter in the eyelid and several coats of mascara from the root and with excess product above and below.

tendencias make up

-If you want to give a more sophisticated touch, apply chalk effect pastel shades on the mobile eyelid with a touch of glitter.

tendencias make up

Makeup and contact lenses: two allies to highlight the look in a new reality marked by the mascara that has defined the make up trends for fall 2020.

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