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If you are a frequent traveler or you limit your trips to holiday tourism, from Horse we have elaborated a catalogue with advices, gadgets and good practices to travel as comfortable as possible by plane. With the arrival of the long-awaited summer, we have selected some of the most useful and simple tricks.

It is true that we can save some of these steps when it comes to short flights, but when they last more than two or three hours these tricks will help us feel like VIPs in economy class.

The 101 gadgets

One of the things that annoy most on the plane is, without doubt, the noise. The engines and sounds of machinery, crew and their warnings and comings and goings, noisy passengers… For this problem, we propose two solutions. The first one, headphones with noise-canceling technology. They look like normal headphones but contain a mechanism that allows you to control the noise level of the environment, both to keep silent and to hear better whatever you have taken to make your trip entertaining.

There are various types, sizes and qualities. In the images, you can see two recommendations. On the one hand, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0. are headphones with a stainless steel headband that, in addition, fold up facilitating their transport. Their large leather ear pads make them very comfortable also if we use them for a long time.



Foldable headphones with a noise-canceling system by Sennheiser.

On the other hand, the QuietControl 30 by Bose with a smaller and lighter design, they adapt to the neck as a choker and without cables because they have Bluetooth connection.


Headphones QuietControl 30 by Bose

If we want to get rid of annoying noise, the second option are earplugs. Some brands have invested in designing specific plugs for traveling by plane, which in addition to protect from excessive environmental noise they attenuate the pressure that occurs in the eardrum during take-off and landing. In the images, the Alpine Flyfit and Quies earplugs.

Alpine Flyfit earplugs

Alpine Flyfit earplugs


earplugs for the flyght

Special earplugs for the flight, Quies.

A step further are the Hush earplugs, designed not only to block unwanted sounds up to 70 dB, but also to mask them with more pleasing ones at the user’s choice.  The mobile application that accompanies them, allows the user to select relaxing landscape sounds or activate alarms or notifications of the phone. They have a maximum independence of 10 hours and a half and their recharge is made by the transport case itself, with capacity for 7 full loads.


hush earplugs feature bluetooth-

Hush earplugs feature Bluetooth and mobile application.

Whether you want to be quiet or want to take advantage of the hours of travel to rest, these gadgets are very useful. However, if you really want to sleep other allies can help you.

Traveling great distances in just a few hours can cause us some inconveniences due to the time changes. Our biological clock, governed by daylight, controls the sleep and activity times that are totally altered when we make a long trip. Aquilea has created a food supplement, Aquilea Melatonina, ideal for people with jet lag and that helps to fall asleep. In this way, they will be useful both during the journey and once in destination, facilitating our body to fight against the effects of hourly decompensation such as headache, lack of appetite, sleep problems, anxiety or extreme tiredness.

melatonin Aquilea

Food supplement with melatonin, Aquilea

To be completely isolated from the environment, the sleep masks are the perfect accessories, very comfortable and light to carry. There are many of them, of all price ranges and with varied characteristics. In the pictures, a very trendy example with the Oysho’s pink velvet sleep mask and another with a very carefully fabric, hand-sewn, lined with natural fiber and suitable for sensitive skins of the brand Quies. With this element, the eyes are covered completely and gently to be able to sleep even when the clarity does not allow it.


Sleep mask suitable for sensitive skin, Quies

Sleep mask suitable for sensitive skin, Quies

sleep mask

Oysho’s velvet sleep mask

Last, but not least, a travel cushion will help us to be more comfortable and maintain a good cervical posture. From the simplest designs to the most original, here we focus on the latter for being more curious. The NodPod Travel Pillow works as if it were a hammock holding the head. This gadget holds the head by the chin area at an angle of ninety degrees and vertical position. The mechanism uses cables to grip to the seat, but they are designed not to cover the screen of the passenger seated behind.

Nodpod Travel Cushion

Nodpod Travel Cushion

The Woollip  has a larger size once inflated but its transport is very comfortable because in a deflated form is really small and swells in only 5 expirations. Which one has caught your attention?

Woollip Travel Cushion

Woollip Travel Cushion


Seat space, especially in economy class, is quite small and, although it is bearable in short flights; in long distances, it is tedious and uncomfortable. There are some   simple exercises that we can do in our seat, without disturbing the occupants of the adjoining seats and that will help us to maintain a normal circulation and to unburden the limbs.  The most obvious is to walk in the aisle of the plane, whenever possible and without hindering the tribulation of the cabin.

Seated in our seat we can also make some very useful and simple movements. Placing our legs together, we raise and lower our feet on tiptoe, holding for a few seconds. Alternatively, with a small object between your knees (a magazine, a book or an informative flyer of the plane are perfect) we raise and lower our legs without letting it fall.

Simply by moving the joints (ankles, knees, wrists, neck…) or by performing a gentle upward massage on the legs, we will stimulate circulation and mitigate the discomfort of sitting in a confined space during the hours of flight.

With simple exercises, you will avoid numbness of joints.

With simple exercises, you will avoid numbness of joints.

Comfy but stylish

The first thing to keep in mind when traveling by plane is comfort, and the outfit we choose will be of great help in this regard. Comfortable yes, but without falling into the excess, the sporty chic is of great help in these cases. Some baggy pants, a blouse or a t-shirt made of a comfortable fabric and slippers form the perfect set.


From left to right bomber jacket, up baggy pants with blouse and down slippers

From left to right bomber jacket, up baggy pants with blouse and down slippers

We must think that, although sunny days have arrived, airplanes are always cold. So it would be a great option to add a light knit jacket or a bomber and a foulard.

On long-distance flights, long and comfortable socks will protect us from the drafts and make us feel at home. In the image, we can see different designs of the socks by Sockaholic. Designed in Spain and produced in Portugal, these high quality and 100% European socks are soft, elastic and breathable.

Socks by the Spanish firm Sockaholic

Socks by the Spanish firm Sockaholic

Finally, regarding the outfit, we can carry a XXL bag or a travel bag to accompany us in the cabin and allow us to carry all the gadgets necessary to make our trip a pleasant journey.

Matrioshka L, Carolina Herrera - Large Cables Phantom, Cèline

Matrioshka L, Carolina Herrera – Large Cables Phantom, Cèline

With these accessories and good practices, traveling by plane becomes much more bearable.

Translated by: Raquel Sanchez