The famous Italian brand Trussardi and the giant Coca-Cola signed a pact for an exclusive and limited edition project.

Elegantly cool is the name of this work led by Gaia Trussardi, creative director of the brand.

This project is a perfect combination between the elegance of Trussardi and the cool spirit of Coca-Cola.

Gaia%20Trussardi%20al%20lavoro%20col%20team%20creativo_1 Trussardi wears with love the famous bottle to celebrate the centenary of the company.

Star of the first two cans is the famous Trussardi greyhound, drawn in ironic key in a mixture of brights colors.   coca

The other can is dressed in gold with printed lizard fantasy beloved by the Brand.


trussardi-coca-cola- The maison Trussardi confirmed to be proud to work with Coca-Cola extending its lifestyle to such an important name.