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Beyond his great capitals, Europe hides some of the most interesting gastronomic destinations of these days. Small and large cities unknown to the public but that offer a quality cuisine full of variety worthy of the best foodies.If you are planning your next holidays to please your palate and running away from conventional destinations, take a look to the places we recommend you in partnership with

Sanlúcar de Barrameda

sanlúcar de barrameda

                                                 An unexpected surprise without crossing our borders

Although it may be surprising, the privileged position of Sanlúcar and its products full of care have made it one of the best options for its gastronomic offer. Surrounded by the Atlantic and the Guadalquivir River, the city stands out for its fish, molluscs and crustaceans but also for its wide variety of vegetables.

To enjoy the best Sanlúcar prawns, accompanied by a manzanilla wine with designation of origin, the best areas are the Barrio Alto and the Zona Centro. Experience the taste of the Mediterranean with the quality of the best product-based cuisine.


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                                       Modernity and tradition merge into the streets of this Georgian city

Located on the banks of the Kura River, the capital of Georgia will surprise your palate with a mixture of flavours of the Middle East, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe cuisine.

Do not forget to try the street food you’ll find as you go all over through the winding streets of the old town. You can start with akhachapuri (cheese bread), akhinkali (dumplings of spiced vegetables or meat) orchakapuli (with lamb, onion, white wine, garlic and some herbs), very popular throughout the country.

Georgia is the cradle of wine, its ancient tradition makes it part of their culture, so do not hesitate to accompany your meal with a good glass of local wine and imbibe yourself with a mixture of history, modernity and nature endorsing on of the gastronomic destinations you will like to know.


dubrovnik, destinos gastronomicos, magazine horse, viajes, gastronomia, los destinos gastronómicos más desconocidos de Europa                                Cosmopolitan, enjoying a nice dinner at one of its restaurants will be a holiday pleasure

Even as it is one of the most important coastal touristic destinationsinthe Adriatic, most of the restaurants in town are family-run businesses where you can try a variety of seafood in the purest Mediterranean style, fresh and cooked in a simple way. But if you prefer to treat yourself, you can go to any of the many renowned locals such as Restaurant 360,which also has spectacular views of the city and where, without any doubt, you can try one of the key ingredients of Croatian gastronomy, the truffle.


                                               Beautiful coastal town where you can enjoy fine cuisine

Just 20 kilometres from the Spanish border, this small coastal town in the southwest of France has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best gastronomic destinations in Europe. Although its main competitor is San Sebastian, the Franco-Spanish fusion of its dishes make it a nice choice for taking the plunge to get to know its magnificent coast while tasting good pintxos.




                                                    A good destination for lovers of Christmas holidays

After recovering from the destruction caused by World War II, this small German city is full of life. Many colourful restaurants and bars crowd the streets to offer some of the most popular delicacies in the country. As inevitable, veal and pork sausages are a real local delicacy, but totake a break from all this meat be sure to try the Eieschecke (a cake with cream cheese and raisins).


For those who visit this beautiful Saxon town during Christmas, the Dresden Christmas market, with over 580 years of history, offers a variety of traditional sweets of this time of year such as the Christstollen (raisin bread), the Dominosteine (small chocolatesmade of cookie, chelly and marzipan jelly with a chocolate coating) and Pflaumentoffel (an edible figurine made of prunes famous thanks to Dresden market).



                           Northern charm and delicacies to discover in what looks like a Christmas card

Known as one of the most clean, green and safe cities in the world, the capital of Iceland surprises for its cultural life. The Grandi areahas become a young neighbourhood where you can enjoy shops and the most colourful restaurants beside the sea. To enjoy the typical food and atmosphere in the purest Icelandic style, Matur og Drykkur is a great option.

As good coastal city, one of the local specialties is fish. Among the species in the areawe can highlight cod, monkfish or scallops, but also others that you probably had not heardof, like the wolffish or capelin.


From the shores of the Black Sea to the depths of the Atlantic going through those who were the cradle of wine and modern cuisine, Europe hides gastronomic destinations worth knowing. Whether due curiosity, the desire to learn or the exoticism of the unknown, from Magazine Horse we encourage you to venture and discover these or other cities. Let your palate enjoy and get started. Have you already decided what will be your next destination?