Paper is a millenary means of expression: not only because it has been historically used as a support for writing, but also for drawing and painting in all forms. But this material still has another artistic use, that of the manual crafts elaborated with paper.

Such is the case of the artists Lisa Nilsson and Maud Vantours, who use paper in a different way for their creations. They have two different and original views, which result in works that captivate the attention and show the accuracy and their hard work.


The French artist, Maud Vantours, proposes a series of creations where paper, colour and forms are the protagonists. She came up with this idea after being inpired from an artistic course of textile design and material investigation. Vantours presents kaleidoscopic compositions in which paper is structured in a hundred of layers that are sculpted and meticulously joined. She gives volume and three-dimensionality to the work.


Geometries, flowers or spirals… the forms she uses to obtain these psychedelic canvas are diverse. And the result is always the same: the harmony created by light and colour.









Nilsson: the art of quilling

The American Lisa Nilsson puts in hours to manipulate and patiently find the final touch in her creations: it takes her eight months to elaborate one of her elegant Japanese carpets in real size. The technique she used was the quilling, which facilitates the creation of creative design with rolled-up coloured paper strips. Nilson cuts thousands of strips, she folds them and unites them in such a way that she creates different balanced levels between material and space. The result of such work, which pays attention to the tiniest detail, creates, as a whole, an amazing visual impact.



Quilling is also known as “paper filigree” and it has its origins in ancient Egypt, where it was used with papyrus. Later on, from 5th century, it was performed in Italy and France by the monks who wanted to embellish images of sacred figures.



Part of the art in paper work is preserved till the present day thanks to these two artists. Lisa Nilsson and Maud Vantours recreate, by means of a material as elementary as paper, universes that fascinate Horse Magazine due to their suggestions and originality.

Traductor: Paloma Sánchez