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Vans has launched a capsule collection of sneakers inspired by the albums of David Bowie. A limited edition that is a clear tribute to the artist and a little treasure for all his fans and lovers of his style and Vans aesthetics.

The release of the limited edition coincides with the third anniversary of Bowie’s death. Considered one of the greatest musical milestones, his songs are anthems but, beyond the music scene, he is remembered for being a true style icon. His aesthetics defied gender stereotypes and served as inspiration for some of the world’s most renowned designers. Yves Saint Laurant, Gucci or Dior are some of them. She even worked with Alexander McQueen in one of his collections.

colección Bowie de Vans

Sneakers from the Bowie collection by Vans.

In total, four albums, four pairs of slippers inspired by the artist’s CD covers. It was for the album Space Oddity (1969); Slip-On 47 VDX, for his second CD Hunky Dory (1971); Sk8-Hi, in honor of his third album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), and The Old Skool, for the final installment Aladdin Sane (1973).It is not surprising that the collection is articulated through the imagery of each CD since Bowie took care of the visual aesthetics of the covers as much as his own, reinventing himself with each new album.

In addition to sneakers, the Bowie collection by Vans also includes caps and T-shirts with screen prints inspired by the artist.

colección Bowie de Vans

T-shirts and caps from the collection.

Four albums, four slippers

The collection begins by dedicating the brand’s first skate sneaker, Vans Classic Era, to the artist’s first hit Space Oddity. Its circular shapes and green and blue hues match the album cover. On the sole, on a black background, you can read the album title.

TheSlip-On 47 V have been reinvented to include a checkerboard pattern on the upper reminiscent of the coat Bowie wore on the cover of Hunky Dory. The white, black and gray tones of the checks are combined with a mustard yellow. Both on the sole and on the top flap you can read the name of the CD.

The Sk8-Hi 2.0 pays tribute to Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. The sneaker is made in a striking red patent leather that stands out against the black sole. Finally, the Vans’ Old Skool are dedicated to the Aladdin Sane album and are perhaps the most iconic. On a beige leather background, the red and blue drawing of the emblematic stripe, symbol of the artist.

colección Bowie de Vans

The four models of the Vans Bowie collection.

It’s not the first time the brand has made a collection inspired by a music icon. In February Vans already launched a special collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the debut album of Led Zeppelin. Some of those designs are still available.

colección Bowie de Vans

The sneakers of the Vans collection in tribute to Led Zeppelin.

The Bowie collection by Vans has been on sale since April 5 and although the units available on the web are almost sold out, you may still be able to find them in stores.