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Nature is going to be more present in contemporary architecture since when Patrick Blanc, French botanist, had invented the first of the vertical gardens for the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie of Paris, in 1988. From that moment he hadn’t stop spreading his famous green wall in numerous cities all over the world.

Nowadays, this kind of structures in which, inert materials merge with vegetation in an harmonious way, represent a resource increasingly used, not just with the aim to beautify the urban landscape, but because, in addition, provide an environmental improvement and the quality of life in the cities in which the area for green spaces has been reducing.

jardines verticales

CaixaForum, Madrid. Patrick Blanc


Even if we can any more spectacular, this is a clear example that show us the functionality of vertical gardens because, more than his esthetic attractiveness, it acts as a green lung in the middle of the Spanish capital. We are talking about the Caixa Forum building, the firts vertical garden of our country and located on Paseo del Prado, Madrid.

Without any doubts, one of the most impressive is located in the theme park devoted to architecture and horticulture, Gardens by the Bay, in Singapore. It is a work designed by Wilkinson Eyre, by Grant Associates Architects.

jardines verticalesThis majestic wall amazes because embodies the biggest indoor waterfall
jardines verticalesThe wall has a viewpoint, which can be reached through intern stairs
jardines verticalesTropical plants within the greenhouse, to reproduce the tropical climate
jardines verticales

An integral part of the vision of “City in a Garden” project and it will be the best horticulture and artistic gardening exhibition.

Although not so ambitious, in the biological reserve Huili Huilo, in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range, in Chile, is located the Hotel Lodge Montaña Mágica. It is one of the most charming hotels on the planet, thanks to the façade which is itself a vertical garden developed starting from noble materials present in that area and, due to the climate, it stays green for the majority of the year.

jardines verticales                           One of the entrances of the Logde Hotel, through a picturesque wooden bridge

77a                  The interior of the hotel, encased in wood, respects environmental aesthetics


However, green walls aren’t exclusively for an external use, but increasingly used to equip buildings with originality and beauty also inside its facilities. As in the case of the International Airport of Edmonton, in Alberta (Canada), where a vertical garden of 132 square metres decorate one of his walls. Up to now, it stands out for being the biggest one built into an air terminal. This botanical garden was built with recicled materials and made up of 80.000 plants of over 180 different species.

jardines verticalesjardines verticalesThis botanic wall was built with recicled materialsjardines verticalesIt is made up of 80.000 plants of over 180 different species


In the end, this private house in Linkebeek, Belgium. Residence of a director of photography, was designed by Samyn and Partners Architects and completed in 2007 thanks to the colaboration of Patrick Blanc, already mentioned, who chose a selection of exotic plants which give to the house this exuberant appereance.

jardines verticalesIt was nicknamed Milly Fran because it is also used as a production and work office

These vertical gardens are a good example of how natural resources match perfectly with design and luxury. Horse Mag is inspired by architecture and harmony of his design.