From 2nd to 5th March, Barcelona became meeting point for mobile telephony lovers. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has provided more than 90,000 visitors this week and has one of the most important presentations, of the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for the second consecutive year. The fairgrounds come to pass the presentations of new products that will revolutionize technology and our lifestyle.



This year, two of the flagship products have been the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Its size remains at 5.1 inches, but becomes QuadHDthat generates 577 pixels per inch, with better screen resolution that currently exist in the industry. The S6 Edge has curved screen, heart rate sensor under the flash and fingerprint sensor. These high-end smartphones have a design which combines metal with glass. Have been presented in three versions: with 32, 64 and 128GB. The price of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 699€ and 849€ the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. www.samsung.com

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HTC has released HTC Grip promoted by UA, the new network of Under Armour Sports for those who want to have the monitoring of their physical activity. This quantifying bracelet is water resistant, has a 1.8 inch P-AMOLED and 100mAh battery GPS enabled. It supports iOS and Android and costs $200. www.htc.com


HTC has also introduced virtual reality goggles, the HTC Vive. They have a panel of 1200 × 1080 pixels for each eye and not required to be connected to an smartphone, but a PC. They show photorealistic images which fill the field of view in all directions of the eye, which allow the user to live the mosto similar transportation experience. www.htc.com


LG has introduced its first two smartwatches independent of the mobile phone: the LG Watch Urbane y el LG Watch Urbane LTE. The first is an smartphone with Android Wear as an operating system and with a classic design. The second lets you make calls and send voice messages with the 4G connectivity and has its own LG operating system WebOS and can accommodate LTE. These LG smartwatches work with their own operating system different to Android. www.lg.com/es



Huawei has also presented a smartwatch, a watch with leather strap, plastic and metal, available in three colors: silver, gold and black. Its screen fills the sphere and bet on ‘wearables’ design to not seem gadgets. It has a 1.4 inch screen and resolution of 400 × 400 pixels. www.huawei.com



Alcatel One Touch Watch is the smartwatch that Alcatel has launched. Is smaller than the other smartwatches, its round dial has a 1.22 inch IPS screen with resolution 240 × 204 pixels and a battery of 210 mAh. Its price is in 125€. www.alcatelonetouch.com



NXP Semiconductors has presented wireless headphones with Near Field Magnetic Induction, comportable and without cables, ideal for fitness activities. It operates with a simple Bluetooth allowing you to connect the headphones. www.nxp.com

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Ford has presented an electric bicycle that connects to the mobile phone, designed to be transported by car and ideal for moments of traffic congestion for the city of the future. The driver also may receive information from weather to consumption of calories. This smart urban bike is even able to detect when the driver begins to sweat by the effort being made by your body and this automatically changes to electric mode. www.ford.com


My FC has surprised with the JAQ, a portable charger that bases its energy in water and salt. This gadget provides a solution to one of the biggest problems of smartphones: the battery, using water as an energy source. It is ideal for excursions and long hours outdoors. www.myfcpower.com