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The arrival of the coronavirus has given a 180-degree turn to the plans of many. Much more selected trips, more intimate concerts, meetings and parties with security distance… Everything is changing, including weddings. The bridal sector has been one of the most affected and, although some are already taking place, most of the weddings planned for this summer have been postponed (for autumn or 2021). There is a lot of uncertainty and also a lot of desire to create a wedding to remember despite the restrictionss. That’s why, in Horse we reveal what weddings will be like in the Covid era, How is the mentality of the bride and groom changing? And how will wedding planners adapt to continue creating dream weddings?

Help in the task of organization 

From the number of attendees, to the layout of the tables, the location, the choice of the wedding dress, where to go on the trip… There are many details that are changing in one way or another. Adapting to all these changes and dealing with uncertainty is sometimes complicated. That’s why having a professional wedding planner like those at will be a great asset for the coming months, even when it comes to choosing the trip,safety is the key to success. More intimate destinations that are not overcrowded, or that have had a low incidence of corona virus, medical care or accessibility by car are some of the guarantees that are most in demand.

Fewer guests, more privacy 

The capacity restrictions have meant that the weddings that are now being celebrated have greatly reduced the number of guests, but not only that, they have also changed the mentality of the bride and groom, who are beginning to prefer more intimate celebrations.

Boda picnic

Dinner or picnic type weddings, with details and surprises, in open spaces or outdoors, with only family and close friends.

Instead of a concern, the need for smaller weddings is becoming an opportunity to get back to basics and to let go of trends and ostentation.

Weddings with personality;

In addition to being intimate, weddings will tend to be more personalized (another aspect in which a wedding planner can be useful). The bride and groom, who see how their big day can no longer be how they had imagined it, are beginning to opt for more creative and free celebrations. Conventions are left aside and priority is given to the experience and vision of the bride and groom.

Boda picnic

The traditional celebration is joined by a lot of alternatives that have already begun to be seen more frequently in recent months. Among them all, the elopement stands out, in which the bride and groom “elope” alone to a remote and special city or location where the ceremony takes place. With no space limitations, the options both inside and outside Spain are endless.

We are still looking for the dress of our dreams 

The clothing is another of the big changes. Masks become one more accessory to customize and play with. But it is the choice of wedding dress that has been most influenced by the pandemic. Brides are still looking for the dress of their dreams, so bridal firms are adapting as quickly as possible.

Bodas en la era covid

Claire Pettibone 100% cotton wedding mask, each mask has an inner pocket for a filter (not included).

The bridal fashion industry is different, more emotional, experiential and personalized. The bride is not looking for a dress to impress but to show who she really is. That’s why, although they are focusing on making the physical store experience more secure, many brands have decided to make the leap to online sales as well. Will the internet be the favorite place for brides to buy their dresses?

idea bodavestidos novia 2020 Yolan Cris

2020 boho and folk collection with bucolic air by Yolan Cris


For Vera Wang’s fall 2020 collection, she presents modern and innovative dresses in a bold palette of black and white, revealing messages very much akin to a wedding.

Where are we going on a trip?

The trip is one of the most desired moments for the bride and groom. Most of the couples who were going to make their trip between March and September 2020 have postponed it or changed their destination. The most popular destinations affected by cancellations are Japan, the United States, Peru and Thailand.

Those who have decided to travel in Spain, according to a study conducted from June 5 to 7 by Ipsos and THR to find out the travel plans of Spaniards during the second half of the year, nine out of ten holiday trips will be made within Spain. Andalusia (26%), Catalonia (11%) and Valencia (10%) are the top three regions in the ranking of destinations. The disappearance of the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands in the Top 10 Autonomous Communities is surprising, perhaps due to the fear of flying.

Cadaqués, Costa Brava
Cadaqués, Costa Brava.

It’s about reflection and discovering what really matters. Weddings in the Covid era will be different and this is how they are envisioned to change.