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We cannot deny that tattooing has become a form of expression. In the past, more attention was paid to fashion and the designs or creations that were trending at the time were chosen even though they had no meaning for the client;

However, nowadays these creations have become a means to express our ideology or our love for something.



Nowadays there is such a wide range of designs and techniques that it is impossible not to find a style with which you can identify.

These are the 6 trends we have selected for you:


Chinese tattoo artist Chen Jie creates watercolor tattoos that look like real paintings. To create this effect, great precision and different techniques are required.

This technique mimics the effect of brush strokes. To create it, two types of guns are required: one that acts like a pen to draw bold lines and another that acts like a brush injecting faded colors.



Minimal and linear

Minimalism has gained relevance. Some tattoos consist of small details on certain areas of the body. Illustrative and graphic designs with fine lines stand out especially.

This Korean artist from Seoul uses colored inks, gradients and extremely precise outlining as she tattoos with a single needle.



Blackout Tattoo

The blackout tattoo emerged five years ago in Singapore and is one of the most daring styles. This new way of tattooing consists of covering a large area with black ink. Also, it is possible to incorporate tribal, geometric figures or symbols.


The origin has occurred due to the need to tattoo over a previous tattoo to cover it up.

Some tattoo artists work with special inks to provide shading and achieve a three-dimensional perspective.


Left photo @jacquelinearndtphotography. @cesaraugustotf_@procreate_

Nature and animals

This year we are betting on nature. Flowers, birds or other animals. Perhaps it is because our commitment to the environment is increasing.

The Alchemist’s Valley studio was born from its connection with nature. .

“The alchemists were magicians who with the four elements of alchemy: earth, fire, water and air, could create incredible things”, says founder Maria Fernandez.

Its objective is to combine the world of fine arts with the world of tattoos through international tattoo artists.



This study uses 100% certified vegan inks.

The first center they opened was in the neighborhood of Chueca (Madrid) in 2017 and later they opened in Hamburg and Barcelona’s Eixample.

“A tattoo is an exclusive work of art, made specifically for one person with the unique signature of the artist” Maria points out.


Artist Lee Stewart draws brushstroke-style and abstract tattoos, probably due to the influence of Berlin street art where he is currently based.



Temporary tattoos

If you prefer to start or add temporary tattoos, we recommend @tattly a website where illustrators and tattoo artists draw to create tattoos without toxic and made from vegetable ink..



Tina Roth Eisenberg created Tattly in 2011 by collaborating with different renowned artists and designers who produced drawings and illustrations to make it personalized and for all audiences.



You can also choose phosphorescent temporary tattoos that at night, you will not go unnoticed.

These are the tattoos that are triumphing this year. And you, which version do you prefer?