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Since 1992 Montblanc is strengthening ties between luxury and culture. The exclusive brand launches an annual limited edition of writing instruments, which are carefully hand crafted.

Every year since 1992, Montblanc has paid tribute to great artists. This 2016 the protagonists are Leo Tolstoy and Andy Warhol, for the section of Writers Editions and Great Characters, respectively.



Russian realist storytelling born in 1828, he is the writer of epic works such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina.


Leo Tolstoy

The collection is inspired in Yásnaia Polyana, the familiar home where Tolstoi was born and lived with his wife and children. Was there where the writer stablished himself to pursue happiness in a simple way.

The characteristic pillars at the entrance of the Yasnaya Polyana estate are echoed in the shape of the top of the cap, which is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in black and white resin. Tolstoy’s philosophy of working the land with his own hands is symbolized in the elaborately handcrafted, hammered and silver plated case of the barrel.


Montblanc Leo Tolstoy Writers Edition - Fountain Pen - Penna Stilografica Limited Edition

Edición Limitada León Tólstoi

This edition is limited to 9.000 pieces of the fountain pen.


Born in Pittsburgh (Pensilvania) in 1928, pioneer of Pop Art changed the perspective of art, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. This plastic and illustrator artist is characterized by using bright colors in order to transform daily objects into artworks creating “commercial art”.

Portrait Andy Warhol2_CRT The Andy Warhol Foundation-4Andy Warhol 

Warhol Special Edition

He began his pop art movement in the early sixties with some images of “Campbell’s Soup Cans”. This iconic image has been the inspiration for this limited edition of Montblanc. This iconic image appears in a grouping of 4 cans engraved into the stainless steel cap. At the top of the piece is inscribed the phrase: “Art is what you can get away with”

Andy-Warhol-Campbell-Soup-Cans-1962Campbell’s Soup Cans


Warhol Special Edition

Andy Warhol Limited Edition 1928

The inspiration of this collection comes from the work “Flowers, 1964”. The cap is drawed with the flowers of Warhol’s painting. As a reference to the idea of commercialism made by Warhol’s art, the cone is embellished with one of Warhol’s chosen symbols, the barcodeThe dollar symbol of 1981 is handcrafted in the nib of the pen.


montblanc andy flowersAndy Warhol Limited Edition 1928

Andy Warhol achieved something that only a few artists have achieved: became a legend in life, besides being a contemporary cultural icon that continues inspiring us today.

This edition is limited to 1928 fountain pens and 1928 rollerballs in honor of the year of Andy Warhol’s birth.

The Montblanc Limited Editions are a tribute to the finest craft tradition and the most precious materials, dedicated to the world of art and culture. The collection is a wonderful commitment to the culture of writing.