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Yoga and Pilates may seem like two very similar disciplines and, in reality, they are. Both help us to improve body posture through core work, tone muscles and train joint mobility and flexibility. The main difference between them is the spiritual component. yoga is born with a much more mystical objective and the asanas or postures are aimed at meditation. Although this is something that has been lost in some modalities, which focus more on body work. The pilates, however, is purely physical and uses, at times, a series of machines and accessories that are not used in yoga, which works almost exclusively with body weight.

Yoga: the 6 modalities beyond Hatha

If there is something in which both disciplines are similar is in the number of modalities of one and the other that have been appearing over the years. In the case of yoga, the list is endless: Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, Power… The postures or asanas are always the same, what changes is the way of performing them. More leisurely, more fluid, focusing more on spirituality and meditation, on the physical part … The word yoga encompasses a whole world of possibilities, so there is a type of yoga for everyone. Perhaps yours is among these 6 types of yoga that you may not know:


Aeroyoga mixes the postures of traditional Hatha yoga with acrobatic gymnastics in the same discipline. To perform it is used a swing formed by suspended fabrics that allow you to perform classic yoga postures and inverted, but completely suspended in the air. This practice works the abdomen, fights cellulite and flaccidity, eliminates back pain, stretches the spine, decompresses the vertebrae, tones muscles and helps define the silhouette because the body is gaining flexibility.

At the hotel Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri  they do it outdoors and overlooking the sea, an environment that undoubtedly favors relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

yoga y pilates

Aeroyoga combines yoga with acrobatic gymnastics.

Vinyasa Flow yoga

The Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga. It links asanas in a fluid way, combining standing, seated, lying and inverted asanas and putting the focus on breathing. It is a perfect yoga to get in shape as it is quite demanding, requires concentration and promotes aerobic work. Within vinyasa there are many varieties, among which highlights the Vinyasa Flow, “a dynamic yoga in which you will not stay in a posture for a long time, but you move from one to another in a more fluid and coordinated with the breath, like a dance,” explains Isabel Manso, yoga expert who teaches this discipline in the hotel Barceló Portinatx..

yoga y pilates

Vinyasa yoga improves body posture, flexibility and is a complete workout.

Yoga massage

The perfect prelude to a meditation or yoga session. The movements of yoga are reproduced this time passively through an ancient massage originated in pre-Hindu temples and brought to Southeast Asia by one of the Buddha’s physicians. It is a medium-pressure dry massage with an emphasis on stretching that releases tension and promotes circulation and flexibility. This modality is offered at the Royal Hideaway Hotel in Formentor.

yoga y pilates

Yoga massage is perfect for before meditation and yoga.

Sup yoga

In another mix of disciplines, this modality proposes to perform the yoga postures on a paddle surfboard, which enhances balance, coordination and resistance, in addition to achieving a complete core, upper and lower body workout.

yoga y pilates

SUP yoga improves balance as it is done on a surfboard.

Bikram yoga

At 42 degrees, with 40% humidity and a duration of 90 minutes. It may seem crazy, but Bikram yoga is gaining more and more followers every day precisely because of the conditions in which it is performed. And is that the heat helps to gain flexibility and the results begin to be noticed much earlier. During each session 26 basic postures of Hatha yoga are performed. Always the same. It begins with pranayama (conscious breathing) exercises followed by a series of standing and balancing postures. Then, rest in savasana to recover energy and continue with floor postures in which the torsion is also worked. To finish, a breathing exercise is performed kapalabati to burn toxins and work the abdomen.

yoga y pilates

Bikram yoga is performed at 42 degrees Celsius with 40% humidity for 90 minutes.

Facial yoga

In Horse we already told you some time ago about the benefits of this new technique from skincarethat advocates the benefits of exercise and decongesting massages as a necessary routine to strengthen the face. During workouts, the face is stimulated with pressing and stretching movements that help tone the skin and remove dull tone and dead cells. In the U-Wellness space at the hotel Hamilton in Menorca, the first Face Gym session in Spain has been added to its menu of treatments.

yoga y pilates

Exercise the muscles of the face as well.

Pilates: 6 of the most widespread modalities

In Pilates there are also schools that work different parts of the body, pursue different objectives or use or not machinery and external elements. The choice is not yet as wide as that of yoga, which in recent years has grown a lot, but there are several of which we highlight here 6.

Pilates mat

It is the original Pilates, which is practiced on the floor on a mat. It is the most moderate, the most frequent and the best for beginners as it is perfect for learning the movements, to control breathing and to gain strength and elasticity. It combines smooth and constant movements with higher intensity exercises, all of them with your own body, although you can also use elements such as balls, elastic bands or hoops.

Pilates Reformer

It is practiced with the Reformer machine, a kind of bed designed to achieve, from the Pilates floor exercises, a more intense training but without impact, since the machine allows us not to have to bear any force. The exercises are performed in lying, sitting or standing position and work especially the backand theabdomen. Perfect if the goal is to increase muscle strength.

pilates reformer

With the Reformer you work with resistances to enhance the strength of legs and deep abdominals mainly.

Cadillac pilates

It uses a apparatus similar to the Reformer, only this incorporates an upper structure in which to place other accessories (clamps, pulleys …). Increases the level of difficulty but offers the same safety and zero impact as the previous one. Although it is designed to work mainly abdomen, legs, chest and hips, it also allows you to train other parts of the body.


With Cadillac Pilates you work with the strength of your own body.

Pilates calorie burner

In this modality, Pilates exercises are mixed with aerobic work, which occupies 70% of the sessions, to burn more calories.

Hot pilates

It is reminiscent of Bikram yoga although the conditions are less extreme. The exercises are performed at a temperature of 35 degrees and does not require the performance of specific exercises like Bikram. The heat favors the elimination of toxins and reduces the risk of injury.


In this case, Pilates exercises are added to the benefits of the aquatic environment. The sessions are performed in a shallow pool, so that the muscles are toned thanks to the natural resistance of the water while the impact on the joints is minimized.

Differences and similarities between yoga and pilates and their different modalities to know which one suits you best.

Yoga images courtesy of Barceló Hotels & Resorts.

Pilates images courtesy of Monpilates.