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In the world of decoration, each era brings trends and fashion styles that come and go. In this back and forth, each element in our spaces is essential to highlight and decorate. Among all of them, curtains appear as one of the main pieces, as they play with the light and join the rest of the objects in a room.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to make a good choice of them, and to be able to find the balance between style and personal tastes. Cortinadecor is one of the options that provide a broad view on what and how to choose the curtains to cover the windows, as they offer a personalized advice along with their years of experience in the world of decoration.

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A world of curtains to choose from

The choice of curtains becomes a great unique universe of styles and preferences, through Cortinadecor we find from traditional curtains to manual and electric blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds, Japanese panels, among others. On the avant-garde side, the electric stators are an option that unites elegance and technology. They feature the SmartView motors, which offer the possibility of controlling the blinds through the cell phone, with the added bonus that it is a product that does not require electrical installation, as it is recharged with a battery that works between 4 and 6 months. In this way, its installation is very simple, and you only have to be aware of them several months later to recharge the motor of the blind.


The dark touches play embellishing the room with the light that enters through the windows.

In the same way that we renovate our closets every so often, considering the updating of spaces is also very beneficial, because the environment must transmit us comfort and serenity to be well. Depending on the type of home, and in tune with this trend, we may intend to look for both short curtains for windows and long ones. From Cortinadecor they are made to measure, and the choice of more or less centimeters always rests in the hands of customers. Within them we find a wide range of options, from fabric curtains, Lino Corti sheers, as well as the most recommended for each specific room.

Renovate with a conscience with recycled blinds

In addition to the conventional ones, nowadays we can also opt for recycled curtains, and they are presented as an elegant option that goes hand in hand with sustainable awareness. Among them we find roller blinds; Opacos Roma, Traslucent Capri or Screen Keep Sea. Each of them has the same sustainable purpose, but with different characteristics. If we talk about the Roma opaque fabric, its opacity allows that the rays of light do not enter directly, while the Capri translucent has a fabric that offers that the sunlight enters in a soft and warm way, these two blinds can be chosen between three neutral colors that combine perfectly with the furniture.


There are options for any room, from roller blinds for children’s rooms to translucent for dining rooms.

The third, Screen Keep Sea, has a finish that lets in the warmth of the day, but without a great exposure, it is antibacterial, and has five different colors to choose from. The fabrics of these blinds are made from recycled materials such as bottles found in the oceans, and make you think about how essential it is to contribute from any sector to clean and keep the planet healthy. In this way, they work to improve ecologically, in addition to adding a unique style to the rooms of the home;


The long curtains with their characteristic waves.

Thus, we can see that curtains and blinds are more than just decorative elements, as they are able to  balance the energy and sense of well-being in our homes. The great options on the market invite to renew continuously with simple, quality and sustainable products.

Images courtesy of Cortinadecor.

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